10 creative ways to use Spotify other than listening to music

(Press Release)

Spotify is not just for creating playlists. Listeners worldwide have used creative ways to express themselves through the streaming service—from revealing a crush, to breaking up with someone, to ordering bacon and eggs (sunny side up, of course).

Here are 10 unconventional ways people are using Spotify playlists to communicate whatever is on their minds and beyond:

1. Reveal your crush – Folks like Noah, Joanne, and Lazy Dog are using Spotify to reel in their crushes. Hannah Woodley even went so far as to creating a playlist that when you put the song titles together, they spell out, “I kinda like you and I wanted to tell you. You might not feel the same and that is okay but I thought you should know. If you don’t feel it, I still wanna be friends. I am corny.”

2. Impress your date by quoting famous moviesSam and Mollie know you can never go wrong when you break out quotes from anything in the Star Wars family.

3. Break up with someone – Kirstin wanted to give Wyatt the blow off after a few dates. She made a private playlist for him, and her sister Erikka made it public. Wyatt made one back. Ouch.

4. Make a playlist for your pet – Ever see the movie Pets? Dogs love to groove out when you’re away. Xanny knew that and made his pup a playlist.

5. Order breakfastAverage Joe served up an order for bacon and eggs to his dad. This sure beats waiting in line for takeout.

6. Block out loud co-workers– Tune out office mates gabbing on the phone or chewing ice with this White Noise Sound Therapy playlist.

7. Be Zen during your morning commute – Stay chill while taking the MRT, jeep, or bus with this Commute sa Umaga playlist.

8. Learn a new skill – Whether you’re an EMT or babysitter in CPR training to keep people Stayin’ Alive or you found the perfect playlist to learn French or Spanish, Spotify can help listeners pick up some new skills.

9. Help your children read – Check out the kiddie playlists themed around everyday moments and routines—such as bedtime, bath time, and traveling in a car on Spotify’s Kids Category. In between songs, parents will hear voice over prompts with tips and ideas for vocabulary-building activities and conversation starters.

10. Give your significant other the signal – When you cue up this playlist, there won’t be any movie watching in your future: Netflix and Chill Playlist.