2 fun PC games to keep your mind up during long work days

Is the day getting a little hectic and exhausting? If you’ve had enough of coffee or soda and you have roamed around the workplace to keep your mind and energy up, it is time to sit in front of your PC and try playing engaging games.

Your reliable Mortgage Calculator now offers a portfolio of strategically crafted PC games that can surely keep your mind up without adding up to exhaustion. Mobile games and RPGs can take too much of your time and mental energy, so just sit back and try any of these two simple PC games you can open and play using your desktop browser. These are surely fun.


Merge Blocks

Getting a little exhausted about mergers and acquisitions cramping throughout the day? You can make ‘mergers’ a hundred times more fun by playing Merge Blocks, a simple but relaxing PC game.

To play the game, simply put a building into any of the vacant squares on the board. Be sure to place similar buildings beside each other—having three buildings in a row or more buildings in an L shape makes them disappear, providing scores and vacating the squares so you can have spaces to accommodate more. The goal is to keep up in the game as long as you could and to accumulate more points in the process. Look at the left bottom side of the screen to have a hint of what designs of a building are coming up next (so you could have a foresight).

Every time you reach 1,000 points, a hammer appears at the right bottom side of the screen. You can strategically use it to smash one of the buildings on a selected grid so you can free up that space to strategically lay an upcoming building (and you create a row of similar edifices).

Merge Blocks is so unwinding, you can almost forget that time is running. Tension and adrenaline rush up when you reach the end of the game—which you can further prolong through the right strategy. The game surely keeps the mind up and running without adding up to your exhaustion. This one is highly recommended for busy people during break time.


The Loud House Germ Skirmish

Now that Covid-19 is not a global health emergency anymore, it would be fun to play games that simulate the process of killing those unwanted germs! How about killing 1 trillion germs in just 10 minutes? Prepare for an adrenaline rush by playing The Loud House Germ Skirmish.

There are three game modes, and it is recommended to start from the first one (Squirm Off) wherein players are required to kill a trillion germs in 10 minutes using spray and of course, the right strategy. Level 2 is Squirm & Protect wherein there are more rooms to be disinfected by killing germs and putting protection. The third level is the Basement Blitz, which is the most challenging phase.

Aside from the right strategy and from moving fast, Lincoln Loud (the player) is also provided with some incentives to score greater and kill more germs exponentially. There are bug bombs occasionally appearing in the room—bombs that can kill all germs in the room in an instant. Lincoln can also wear a gas mask to serve as added protection against germs. Health can be up by cleaning a section of the room prior to going into the area to be disinfected. Make Lincoln move by using the arrow cursors on the keyboard. Spray disinfectant targeting germs by pressing the space bar.

The game looks simple but actually playing it is quite challenging. It could be analogous to what we have all learned from the pandemic—there is no room to be complacent when it comes to fighting off the virus. Do you love disinfecting rooms? You can now do so just by sitting in front of the PC! The game is fun and mind-relaxing.