3 YouTube videos that teach new knowledge, skills

YouTube has become a popular online venue where people could find and explore educational and instructional videos about any topic. Such videos could equip viewers with new skills, knowledge, and expertise to achieve their goals.

Moreover, the video-sharing website could also help people find their passion. By becoming a YouTube creator, one can further develop expertise about a subject, take additional learnings, and even help others to unlock their potential, too.

If you are up to learning new knowledge and skills, here are three YouTube videos that could help you get started.


3 Forgotten Laws of Saving Money
Former college instructor J3 Patiño aims to help his viewers invest in the local stock market or try their hands at entrepreneurship. The video 3 Forgotten Laws of Saving Money also explains why saving earnings is important, obviously to address a recent report by financial services firm Standard & Poor that revealed that just about 25% of Filipinos are financially literate (or observing personal finance).

For Patiño, it is rewarding to hear stories of netizens who have successfully repaid their debts and increased their personal investments after watching his videos in his own YouTube channel Pinoy Money Academy.

He also thinks that creating his videos has helped him further deepen his expertise on money management. “If you force yourself to publish a video every week, you learn something new in the process,” he said. “You push yourself. You grow out of your limits. You grow out of your comfort zone and you become more creative, so you get more ideas.”

As of press time, this video has been viewed over 484,000 times on the video-sharing site.


Introduction to C Programming
IT professional Juries Mañalac created a series of video tutorials for people who want and need to learn the basics of computer programming. The first video in this playlist is about the widely used computer language  (Introduction to C Programming) followed by a video about installation of integrated development environment (IDE).

Such instructional videos posted on YouTube helped young entrepreneur Gian Javelona to learn more about coding, a skill that he used to eventually put up his own company called OrangeApps at the age of 19. “You can learn a lot of things from YouTube videos like programming or doing business or marketing,” Javelona said. “I think that’s the good opportunity we have right now, especially the millennials. You could build something from scratch, even from your home, and scale it globally.”


Learn Korean in Filipino
Are you into K-pop and K-drama? Do you aim to earn extra pesos providing tutorial services to numerous Korean students who are studying in the country? The YouTube channel Buhay Korea would be helpful if you intend to learn Korean language quickly and effectively.

The channel was created by Ana Park, a Filipino who has been living in Seoul, South Korea since 2003. As expected, her videos feature snippets of life living in the East Asian nation. Her first Korean language video lesson, Learn Korean in Filipino-Lesson 1, has already generated more than 120,000 views.

“I choose to upload on YouTube because I could organize the videos in a playlist,” Park said. “It is easier to arrange them in a series. In my own simple way, I could help my fellow Filipinos learn a language that could help them communicate with Koreans and enjoy Korean content while also being able to share my adoptive country’s culture.”