4 features that make the ASUS Zenfone stand out

The ASUS Zenfone is designed to be a reliable device wherever you go at all times. Since the introduction of its first model in the Philippines, it has continuously captured the interest of numerous consumers, who have always been looking for devices they can always count on.

This is why for several years now, it has remained as among the most popular smartphone models in the local market. According to its passionate and satisfied users, here are the four important features that make it an instant standout.

1. Impressive battery capacity

Whether you go outdoors to shoot panoramic views or hangout somewhere to surf the web, play your favorite mobile games, or get connected on social media for hours, you can be sure your Zenfone’s battery will not give up on you.

The smartphone is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery, which is complemented by energy-efficient processors to ensure longer lasting mobile functions. This makes Zenfone an ideal and reliable device to bring when traveling or going places to capture photos, stay connected, or have a helpful device handy.

2. Superior camera

ASUS designed Zenfone to be a handy camera smartphone. It brags of features that used to be exclusive to digital single-lens reflex cameras—a high-end color correction, wide digital image stabilizer, as well as real-time High Dynamic Range or HDR imaging.

Thus, Instagram-worthy photographs are assured whenever you use your Zenfone, whether indoors or outdoors. The optional flash feature also makes taking photos a breeze indoors or during nighttime.

3. Stylish design

The ASUS Zenfone can even serve as a perfect and fashionable accessory with its sleek and stylish exterior design. Whether you are up for activities that are fun and quirky or relaxing and laidback, the smartphone would blend well with your mood through its wide range of colors—from the popular black, white, and silver to unique hues of bright pink, blue, and purple.

4. Reasonable price tag

With all these features, the ASUS Zenfone comes at a very reasonable price tag, which has been a big factor for its massive success in a discerning market like the Philippines. Originally created for photography enthusiasts, the Zenfone is obviously getting better and more awesome series after series.

The mid-range variants are perfect for users who are after long battery life and camera features despite their limited budget. The more premium units, on the other hand, are ideal for pros who are demanding for specific and more advanced specs.

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