4 ways to maximize high battery capacity of the new ASUS Zenfone 4 MAX

After months of speculations, ASUS Philippines has finally confirmed and announced the launch of its new Zenfone 4 MAX. The launch, which is set on Saturday (August 19), will mark the return to the local market of the brand’s strongest smartphone model. Of course, ASUS has made sure this new variant is features-packed.

We Love Going Further, the brand’s new tagline may give hints about what this smartphone is all about. To begin with, Zenfone 4 MAX comes equipped with a 5000mAh battery that stores power that can possibly last up to 46 days on standby! Thus, the new smartphone model earns the moniker ‘Battery King.’

Here are four ways to maximize capacity of its powerful battery:


1. Watch your favorite streamed and downloaded videos non-stop.
Whether you are traveling or just hanging out somewhere, you can still enjoy watching streamed or downloaded movies and videos through the Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5. What’s more, the new device could also provide sufficient power to up to 2 terabytes of hard drive in case signal gets inaccessible.

2. Charge-up other devices with your smartphone.
That’s right. The Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5, being a Battery King lives up to its name not just by powering up continuous performance for a longer period but also by functioning as a practical powerbank, which can power-up other devices. And on its latest iteration, this new Zenfone does twice faster ‘reverse charging’ so that it can fully charge up another device in no time.


3. Maximize battery life especially when battery charge gets low.
There’s no more need to panic when your battery charge drops to 20% or lower. The new Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 can facilitate at least another 3 hours of call time when its battery dips to 15% charge. Even with a little charge, you can be sure your device still has the power to perform various tasks—this is a feature that is ideal for emergencies.

4. Record more time-lapse videos.
The Zenfone 4 MAX 5.5 has manual controls that can capture extended time-lapse, which consumes significant battery power as it continuously snaps photos and stitch those together to create a video. Its automatic ‘power saving’ mode makes this possible.


Editor’s Note: SRP will be formally announced on August 19 but Tech and Lifestyle Journal estimates it to cost around P14,000, based on SRPs in other countries, where the smartphone has already been launched. Also heard that ASUS Philippines will launch a few other smartphones simultaneously on the 19th. We’ll keep you updated.