Meet these 5 foreign YouTubers who love PH so much

Kyle Jennerman
(Press Release)

The Philippines is beautiful. There’s just absolutely no denying it! The culture is rich, the natural sights are wonderful, the towns and cities are mesmerizing, and the warmth of the people is unparalleled. Filipinos already know that, but what’s even better is the droves of foreign nationals and content creators who are discovering it for themselves.

In fact, some foreigners love it so much that they want to document everything amazing they see while they’re here in the Philippines. Some can’t even get enough of it and they end up moving here for good.

For these creators on YouTube, making content on the good things they find in the country isn’t so much an attempt to play to a proud Filipino audience. It’s more a celebration of wide-eyed wonder at how the Philippines can be so enchanting–and sharing it with the rest of the world!

Here are five foreign YouTubers who sincerely love the Philippines–on and off YouTube:

1. The Hungry Syrian Wanderer

A Syrian-born Filipino naturalized citizen, Basel Manadil—who goes by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer and styles himself as an “Adopted Son of the Philippines”—gained a massive following for his videos about Filipino food and culture. He has been praised for his positive and respectful portrayal of the Philippines and Filipinos, finding time to document the details of daily life in the country.

2. Kuya Jake

Jake Taylor is an American YouTuber who married a Filipina and moved to the Philippines. One of his biggest claims to fame is his ability to speak Tagalog and Ilocano, using his knowledge of the native languages to create funny and heartwarming videos—especially of delicious Filipino food, which he really can’t get enough of.

3. BecomingFilipino (Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman)

Kyle Jennerman is a popular Canadian YouTuber who is currently in the final stages of earning his naturalized Filipino citizenship. His popular YouTube channel shows him exploring the Philippines in informative and entertaining videos that pay homage and respect to locals, especially indigenous peoples, becoming well-known enough to even score a TV commercial with a local brand.


4. Finn Snow

Finn Snow is an Icelandic travel vlogger who has fallen so in love with the Philippines that he decided to move here. He’s currently documenting his process of building a house in Dauin, Dumaguete on his YouTube channel. Snow’s videos highlight local practices and sights, promoting the country mostly to international viewers.

5. Bisayang Hilaw

Carson Moody, who goes by Bisayang Hilaw on YouTube, is an American YouTuber who has lived in the Philippines for several years. He has a popular YouTube channel where he shares his experiences of living in the Philippines in honest and insightful videos (some of which help out many Filipinos in rural areas financially). He has become a popular voice for foreign viewers who are interested in learning more about the Philippines and a positive force for the locals he meets.

So the next time you’re looking for something that’ll make you proud to be a Filipino, go check these YouTube creators out and see the beautiful country through their wonder-filled eyes. You may even find something new and amazing about the Philippines you haven’t discovered yet.