5 helpful mobile apps you should check out today

Modern day lifestyles are becoming more and more demanding by the minute. With a multitude of everyday tasks to attend to, it can be hard to juggle responsibilities and still take some time for yourself. Here are five apps to help you step up your A-game and give you the boost you need to manage your tasks wisely.

Step up your productivity
Apps such as Hours Time Tracking sets time reminders to nag at you when it’s time to start (or stop) tasks. You can also use it to remind yourself of commitments and urgent to-dos.

Slay your fitness goals
Diet and regular exercise can be difficult for those with busy lifestyles. If you’re starting out on your wellness journey, My Fitness Pal offers an easy way to track your food intake by counting the calories you consume each day. Its huge database with millions of dishes from around the world (the Philippines included) lets you input almost any kind of food. Meanwhile, there are also apps like Runkeeper, which you can use to track your jogging routes thru GPS. Whether you go for a walk or a run, it shows you your progress along the way. These apps take the pain out of healthy living by making everyday fitness an easy goal to achieve.

Bringing the office on mobile
Technology has made our life so much easier by allowing us to work on the go. If you are out of the office but need to send a scanned copy of files quickly, CamScanner or Office Lens app saves you from worries by letting you scan documents using your mobile phone. You can also revise documents through a using one-package office apps, such as Polaris Office or WPS Office, that let you read and edit documents in different file formats.

Play your money right
With the emergence of new tax laws in the country, Salary PH helps you calculate and manage your income. Specifically designed for Philippine employees with computation based on Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, this app can help make the most out of your finances this year. Additionally, if you tend to forget due dates of your bills, Bills Reminder allows you to manage your bills and reminds you prior to due date, which saves you from getting notices from your bank or supplier.

Send anytime, anywhere!
Forgot something at home? Need to send documents to other offices? Or do you simply want to send something to someone special? Angkas Padala app is an on-demand courier service that lets you send small parcels anywhere in the metro. It lets you choose the pick-up or drop-off locations of the documents or parcels that you need to have delivered. Its base fare starts at ₱50 only and can carry up to a maximum of 10 kg.

Apps are free and downloadable from the Google Play Store and the App Store.