5 best reasons Honda PCX160 is your next holiday ride

(Press Release)

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, the PCX160 is a ride worth the splurge this holiday season. With its sterling reputation of being the best in style, comfort, and convenience, expect nothing but joy once you experience its superb riding capability like no other.

For the country’s No. 1 motorcycle manufacturer, Honda Philippines Inc., Here are the top 5 reasons why this is a gift that keeps on giving.

A bang for the buck

In these times of rising fuel prices, the PCX160 delivers uncompromising power and performance. It boasts 11.8kW @ 8,500 rpm but runs at 45.1 KM/L fuel consumption, which is one of the most valuable features for urban dwellers. The fuel tank is likewise made bigger at an 8-liter capacity for longer and more enjoyable journeys.

Go high and low, wide or narrow–expect that the PCX160 is perfectly suited for anyone’s on-the-go lifestyle with the promise of more savings and toughness on the road.

Scene-stealing style

If an elevated look is what you’re after with a bold take on design that combines form and function, then you’re ready for a PCX160.

For instance, its new LED headlight, position light, and taillights style make for a sleek and imposing build. A revamped wheel design with bigger tubeless tires completes the impression while delivering better comfort and handling. There’s also a new and wider digital meter panel for improved information visibility.

Both sporty and muscular, you will certainly turn heads in every twist and turn while you cruise the streets on PCX160.

Improved driving performance and comfortable riding

Aside from the sophisticated looks, PCX160 is installed with 157cc engine displacement that applies a 4-Valve, Single Overhead Cam (SOHC), Liquid-Cooled mechanism. It also features eSP+, or Enhanced Smart Power Plus, for increased driving performance. The combination produces potent engine power with an 11.8kW@ 8,500rpm.

Its sophisticated engineering suited for urbanite dwellers provides ease of use, enhanced by its twin-shock rear suspension for smoother rides. Not to mention, its sizable 30-liter utility box is another plus point for active riders who want to turn their passion into a profession.

Safety features with next-level technology

To ensure safety, the ride offers two brake variations, namely, the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) type and the Combi-Brake System (CBS) type. Both variants are equipped with front and rear disc brakes for optimal braking performance. ABS variant also equipped with a Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). The ABS and HSTC are perfectly combined to ensure rider safety: HSTC controls safety on wheel traction, while ABS provides safety rebound to prevent braking lock-up.

PCX160 also comes with an upgraded USB-type power outlet for convenient gadget charging and seamless connection, plus the Anti-Theft Alarm and Answer Back System for better motorcycle security.

Dependable, not disposable

Not only it boasts a high degree of performance and perfection, but expect durability and dependability when you own a PCX160.

From the looks, comfort, safety, and efficiency, there’s nothing quite like PCX160 if you’re looking for a next-level maxi scooter ride.

‘Tis the season with a ride that will fuel your passion. The PCX160 is a complete package for an elevated road experience and a worthy investment this Christmas season.


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