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The Serif
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The furniture and other goods in your home are a reflection of your personal taste–that also includes your appliances. For years, the design of TV sets hasn’t evolved beyond screen size and bezel thickness. A step ahead of the curve, Samsung Electronics provides consumers the option to inject their style and passions into their homes through their TV sets with Samsung’s innovative Lifestyle TV range.

To simplify the process, Samsung now offers an online tool to find a TV that best matches your personality. Find the perfect TV with Samsung’s “Help Me Choose” tool on their website: Take a short quiz, and Samsung will recommend the best option for your needs.

Here are the five best-selling Samsung Lifestyle TVs:


The Serif, for design-aficionados who seek balance

A fusion of tasteful design and high-tech luxury, The Serif is perfect for those with a penchant for beautiful things.

The TV’s avant-garde design makes it a unique statement piece well suited to a range of interior styles. Its detachable stand allows you to easily move the TV around or place anywhere. When turned on, this 4K QLED TV delivers life-like pictures with stunning colors that Samsung is known for. Plus, its Ambient Mode+ gives you the option to display useful screensavers, such as a clock, your personal photos, or exquisite design patterns to add to the aesthetics of the room.

The Serif comes in 43 and 55-inch sizes.


The Freestyle, for active adventurers

The Freestyle best fits those who enjoy being out and about and get a kick out of new experiences.

It’s a projector, smart TV, and speaker rolled into an ultra-lightweight package. Its compact size makes it easy for the adventure-seeker to pack and carry to their next destination. Thanks to its Auto-Keystone feature, it instantly straightens the projection no matter how you position it against the wall (or ceiling) and automatically focuses the image. All you need to do is find the perfect viewing angle, point, play, and be immersed in a cinematic adventure, made rich with its 360-degree audio and 5W speakers. Projecting screen sizes from 30 to 100-inches, travel lovers can bring the joy of big-screen entertainment anywhere with The Freestyle.


The Sero, for social media buffs

The world’s first rotating TV, The Sero, is made for social media lovers. Its default vertical orientation provides the best view for watching content on TikTok or Instagram on a big screen. But thanks to its auto-rotating screen, it doesn’t sacrifice horizontally-produced content you’d find on Twitch or YouTube. As soon as it detects content designed in a landscape format, The Sero automatically rotates from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa. Equipped with premium 4.1Ch speakers, your magnified social media experience is made more luxurious with premium sound quality.

Available in Navy Blue, The Sero is perfect for content creators and mobile gaming junkies. If you want to easily move The Sero around, consider adding The Sero Wheels accessory.


The Frame, for art lovers

The Frame is the perfect TV for artsy individuals who want to display their passion in their living space. The most notable feature of The Frame is its ability to display an image when it’s turned off, so you can show off your favorite piece at home while also removing the concern of a plain, black TV box ruining your interior’s aesthetics. Users can choose from 1,600 world-renowned art pieces, such as the Mona Lisa, in Samsung’s Art Store. You can also upload your personal photo gallery from your smartphone.

The Frame’s form factor, which includes a customizable frame bezel and anti-glare matte display, helps the TV mimic the look of a real picture frame to make it look even more realistic.

The Frame comes in 43, 55, and 65-inches to suit the size of your room. This 4K TV can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand.


The Premiere, for cinephiles

The Premiere is perfect for movie buffs who are looking for a dedicated, state-of-the-art private cinema at home. With a screen size going up to 120 or 130-inches, depending on the chosen model, The Premiere offers a massive screen experience without the bulky look of a conventional TV.

At its foundation, The Premiere provides bright and crisp 4K picture quality not normally seen on standard projectors. In addition, its ultra-short-throw design, which projects images from just a few inches from the wall, does not compromise your room’s interior design and removes the need for bulky set-up equipment. Movie-buffs will also appreciate over-the-top features, such as Filmmaker Mode, which optimizes and plays films the way the director intended in true cinematic quality, and its 4.2Ch 40-watt speakers that distribute deep and rich, room-filling sound to create an unparalleled immersive experience.

The Premiere gives you and your family an excellent home cinema experience that rivals what theater houses can give.


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