7 ways to optimize your Wi-Fi connection at home

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Wi-Fi connection is now a necessity in every modern Filipino home. As the internet plays a significant role in everyone’s life nowadays, it is a basic requirement to have a fast and reliable home broadband connection to ensure that all online activities are not unnecessarily disrupted.

Globe At Home, one of the major internet service providers in the country, share these effective tips in making sure Wi-Fi connection is always at its excellent condition when used by everyone in the household:

1. Strategically put your router in a strategic area where it could establish strong connection with every member of the family. Remember that an ideal Wi-Fi experience may depend on how close the user is to the router; the connection gets weaker the farther a user is from the router.  An open space is an ideal location. Do not place it on the floor or install in an area where it is near any water body like a water container or aquarium.


2. Get rid of any obstruction that will affect your Wi-Fi connection at home. Thus, you must not cover the router or place it in a drawer. Also remember that thick concrete walls, doors, and even mirrors can weaken the signal. This is why in many cases, Wi-Fi connection gets weaker when a user is in a bedroom or comfort room.

3. Avoid interference from any home equipment. Appliances—like microwave, refrigerators, or washing machines—usually cause interference to Wi-Fi connection.

4. Lock out unauthorized users from the Wi-Fi network. Freeloaders in the neighborhood may take advantage of your connection especially if you are using a weak password or worse, there is no password at all. Thus, when setting such codes, avoid using names, phone numbers, or birthdays, which can easily be figured out by friends and neighbors. Use a complex mix of numbers, letters, or symbols in your password. And be sure not to share it with anyone.

5. Monitor the number of connected devices or users to your home Wi-Fi network. In general, Wi-Fi connection slows down when more devices and people are connected to it. This is because every user uses up a certain amount of internet bandwidth whether the connection is actively being used or in an idle mode.

6. Use Wi-Fi extenders, which amplify the reach of the connection so that users within the home can enjoy reliable and strong connection whether they go far from the router, they go to their bedrooms, or they go to other areas of the house where there are physical obstructions.


7. Lastly, subscribe to a fast and reliable internet connection. Globe At Home now offers customizable data plans depending on a family’s budget and usage. Plan P1299 offers speeds of up to 5 Mbps per month, coming with 400GB of data allocation (100GB of which is for YouTube streaming). Plans P1299 and higher also automatically comes with free subscription to Netflix (6 months), Disney Channels apps (6 months), and HOOQ (2 months). For more information visit any Globe store, call the Globe hotline at 730-100 (211 for mobile), or check out its website.

Wi-Fi 101 with Alex Diaz (JSYK)

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Posted by Globe Telecom on Wednesday, July 26, 2017