A+ Premium Milk Tea rocks local market with its high-grade milk tea drinks

With the growing milk tea market in the country, we know that there is still enough room for more players—brands that are there to stand out and offer something new to the discerning milk tea patrons.

The apparent need for quality milk tea drinks available locally prompted young couple Kelvin Ramirez, 30, and Tricia Fabico-Ramirez, 29, to conceptualize and put up A+ Premium Milk Tea. The new milk tea café located at 848 Banawe Street in Quezon City aims to shake up the Philippine milk tea market with its innovative and high-grade milk tea drinks.

For Kelvin and Tricia Ramirez, A+ Premium Milk Tea is like another baby that their two-year marriage has been blessed with.

“The business started as an idea when I was still in my corporate job in the restaurant industry,” Tricia told Tech and Lifestyle Journal during the store’s grand opening on January 16, 2020. “We noticed that milk tea drinks available locally are either sugary or diluted. We cannot taste the real tea flavor.”

The premium milk tea concept
As the couple traveled around Asian countries, they discovered milk tea drinks that are healthy and rich, without compromising the refreshing, soothing taste. It was natural for the entrepreneurial couple to come up with the concept of A+ Premium Milk Tea.

In photo (from L-R): Caramel Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, and Cream Cheese + Green Tea. The brand’s pearls are made of glutinous rice flour that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated after an indulgence.

“We started doing research and developing authentic recipes from Taiwan. It was a leap of faith because we know there are a lot of milk tea brands competing in the country. But we know we will do well with our goal to elevate the local milk tea industry by introducing drinks with only the freshest and finest ingredients, mostly sourced abroad,” Tricia recalled.

True to its name, A+ Premium Milk Tea adheres to the commitment to provide customers what they deserve—drinks made of premium and all-natural ingredients. It does not use any artificial product in its drinks to maintain the health benefits of drinking tea. The store also rules out the use of any preservative as well. “This is what we are most proud of, aside from being a homegrown brand,” she added.

(From L-R) Hibiscus Lemon Tea, Lemon Yakult Passionfruit Tea, and Four Seasons Fruit Tea. You can actually feel the tea leaves on some of the drinks, another distinction that makes A+ Premium Milk Tea stand out.

Interesting menu
Upon its opening, A+ Premium Milk Tea rolled out a vast and exciting menu, providing options not just for milk tea but for other refreshments, even light snacks that will make any foodie come back for more.

The best sellers on the menu include the A+ Signature Fruit Tea (in the cover photo), Passion Fruit Yakult Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Caramel Milk Tea, A+ Brown Sugar Milk, A+ Brown Sugar Milk Tea, and the Cream Cheese Green Tea.

The milk tea café is also the first of its kind to offer A+ signature handmade rolls, which are inspired by the taste and ingredients of popular street food around Asia. Check out their sausage, chicken, and bacon rolls that use a special type of rolled pastry and sauce, making them ideal when paired with A+ tea and fruit drinks. Also in the must-try list are its cheese sticks and varying flavors of fries.

Try any of the three signature rolls that are created to complement their refreshing drinks.

The Ramirezes plan to open a couple of other locations within the year to bring their premium drinks to more milk tea lovers across the metro. A+ Premium Milk Tea is also up for franchising.

The store’s fries and cheese sticks are also to-die-for.

A+ Premium Milk Tea also delivers through Grab Assist and Lalamove Pabili. For advance orders for walk-in customers, contact (02) 8366-6578. The store is open daily from 10 a.m. to 12 midnight.