Adulting 101: Why proper guidance and informed choices matter at this stage

(Press Release)

Let’s face it: adulting isn’t easy. Once people hit adulthood towards reaching professional life, it is inevitable for them to contend with multiple life choices that can be difficult to resolve even as responsible, of-age individuals. These adulting decisions become a significant role in people’s lives depending on what path they intend to take; where seeking advice, deep contemplation, or the simple weighing of pros and cons come into play.

The following are some of the major decisions that everyone has to face sooner or later and how these impact people’s lives.

Choosing a career and profession

Even if one has decided on a course to take in college, it doesn’t always follow that a clear idea of what career path to take is already at hand. There are numerous instances when people switch careers midway in their professional lives or there are others who find work in fields that are totally unrelated to their college degrees. Whichever the case, finding a fulfilling and stable career with opportunities for growth can lead not only to personal satisfaction but better pay and even possible leadership roles within the organization.

Marriage and settling down

Finding one’s life partner, settling down, and starting a family are foremost on the mind of many adults. While there are those who may choose to be single or be married but without kids, marriage and family life can be a strong anchor, a commitment. Yet, as psychiatrist Brian Baker notes, “The choice of spouse is one of the most significant ones made in life; it is more serious than choosing a house or anything.”

Still, experiencing marital bliss can truly bring forth an increased level of security, social acceptance much needed support during challenging times, and can create stability while relieving us from loneliness.

Buying a home

One of the major decisions people make is when purchasing their own home. This entails significant financial investment and even a possible home bank loan. Apart from being sure that one is financially ready and capable, other important considerations are the location of your future home especially its proximity to one’s place of work or the school where you intend to send the kids to; selecting what type and size of home that is best suited to one’s needs; plus choosing a reliable real estate developer with a solid track record, ensuring that the major hard-earning investment will last and increase in value, over time.

Kicking bad habits

As responsible adults, it is key to make informed choices based on well-researched information particularly if it concerns one’s health. Quitting cigarette smoking for example, in favor of e-cigarettes, is one such choice. With organizations like the National Health Service of the UK presenting growing evidence that e-cigarettes are an effective means to kick the habit, then there is little reason not to give responsible adults access to such products if it will translate to a significant reduction in smoking-related deaths. For many people who have been trying to quit smoking for a long time, e-cigarettes are the most promising option for all.

16 million Filipino smokers will be able to access such less harmful alternatives, paving the way for each and every smoker to transform their lives entirely. As they say, life is full of choices. People just need proper guidance and the direction to face these adulting decisions head-on by making informed and responsible choices, and at the end of the day, be healthier for it.