Why Bacchus is the best energy drink for eSports players

Bacchus Energy Drink has again hosted the grandest, biggest, and most awaited annual gathering of League of Legends (LoL) enthusiasts. After successfully sponsoring Rampage 2016, South Korea’s No. 1 Energy Drink brought back the Bacchus Pro Gaming Series in Rampage 2017, a massive event that convened about 14,000 attendees comprising of cosplayers, eSports players, and other supporters in World Trade Center on July 30.

“Bacchus is again honored in bringing ‘energized’ play to Filipinos by throwing its long-term support to the growing LoL/eSport gaming community in the Philippines,” said Amen Say, President and CEO of Dong-A Philippines, the exclusive distributor of the Korean energy drink in the country. “It has remained our main thrust to focus on e-games.” Say also assured that the brand would continue delivering product innovations and supporting more eSports tournaments.

Bacchus hosted the Pro Gaming Series 2017 championship, wherein Team Manila Eagles lorded it over Team Mineski League of Legends. The event gathered up to 14,000 attendees on July 30.

Targeting e-gamers
The event sponsorship is in line with Bacchus’ local thrust to focus on e-gamers, estimated to be around 13.2 million nationwide—a figure that is still expected to continuously and steadily grow in the coming years. “Just like in Korea, e-games started to grow 10 years ago and it still continues to expand by the numbers,” said Dong-A Korea AVP for Global Business Dong Lee-Hoon. “I see the Philippines’ e-gaming industry booming as well, and its future is very bright.”

As a matter of fact, Bacchus is the first ever energy drink to fully back eSports in the country. Aside from hosting the annual Bacchus Pro Gaming Series, the brand even has an existing partnership with Mineski Infinity in an effort to further promote professional e-gaming in the country.

As part of the team-up, Mineski Infinity has also started offering a free can of Bacchus to every player who rents a PC in any of the premier cybercafé network’s location nationwide for P70 (3 hours rental). Bacchus is also looking to forge similar agreements with other PC rentals across the country.

Brain-boosting energy drink
“Out of all the energy drinks, Bacchus boasts of the highest amount of brain-boosting Taurine, combined with the performance enhancing Royal Jelly and Ginseng,” said Say.

In a short interview with Tech and Lifestyle Journal, Dong-A Pharma Philippines Country Manager Won Tak Son further explained that Taurine keeps the level of one’s concentration high, making it perfect for rigorous brain activities (not just playing PC games) that may even last for hours. Compared to all other energy drinks available in the local market today, Bacchus has much more of the important nutrient. He added that all other ingredients are natural, making the energy drink safe as a product that is directly imported from South Korea.

Bacchus Energy Drink is available in major drugstores, supermarkets, and convenience stores across the country.