Tourism campaign invites you to explore Singapore via Spotify playlists

(Edited Press Release)

Discover Singapore based on music’s universal language through the Beats of Singapore campaign, a partnership between the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming subscription service.

Starting March 8 until March 31, 2019, Spotify users in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam can explore Singapore via playlists that will allow them to engage with the city through music and find out more about what to do and see in Singapore. Users who log on to and participate in the campaign can also win one month Spotify premium subscriptions while a lucky weekly winner will get six months’ worth of premium subscription.

This unique campaign by STB and Spotify aims to connect visitors with Singaporeans through their shared passion and appreciation for music. The first phase, which ended in December 2018, saw enthusiastic participation by Spotify users in Singapore, with 2,100 submissions received across a three-month period. Their submissions consisted of song recommendations which were evocative of their favorite places or activities in Singapore.

Rather than just one road, Arab Street has taken over the neighborhood, as it morphs into a calmer and cooler version of its once young and overly energetic self. Well loved by locals, this is a place where all races come together.

Singapore’s unique soundscape
For example, the song “One Love” by Bob Marley & The Wailers was tagged to Arab Street, as the locale is well-loved by Singaporeans, and is a place where different races in Singapore come together to embrace the city’s eclectic blend of history, culture and art appreciation. On the other hand, Singapore’s East Coast Lagoon Food Village, which offers a wide selection of Singaporean favorites, was paired with “Dance the Night Away” by TWICE, as a tribute to its vibrancy at night as a popular food haunt. These submissions contributed towards building up Singapore’s soundscape on the campaign’s microsite.

In the second phase of the Beats of Singapore campaign, visitors from the four Southeast Asian markets can now tune in to Singapore’s unique soundscape built up in the first phase, and check out the myriad recommendations on what to do and see in Singapore – including discovering the tribe profiles of popular influencers in the country, such as UDD from the Philippines. A home-grown electronic indie band, UDD enjoys listening to classics like Prefab Sprout’s “Appetite” while taking in the stunning view from the Henderson Waves Bridge. Users can also download itineraries for a trip, and even make their own recommendations of Singapore to others who share the same passions.

Set in the island’s most popular recreational enclave, East Coast Park, this hawker center boasts a wide selection of local favorites, with “must-eats” including Haron Satay, char kuay teow and barbeque chicken wings. A tip for foodies, it might be crowded over the weekends but stay on to enjoy the insane local nightlife.

Discovering passion tribe profiles through music
As travelers discover and appreciate a city differently, each of them belongs to different “Passion Tribes” – groups based on lifestyles and interests when they travel. For instance, those in the Foodies passion tribe often take delight in savoring culinary experiences when they travel, while those in the Socialisers passion tribe enjoy making meaningful connections through music and entertainment.

When visiting the Beats of Singapore microsite, travelers from the four Southeast Asian markets will be prompted to sign in to their Spotify account, where they will be matched to a “Passion Tribe” profile. The match is done according to the user’s existing favorite playlists and Spotify’s unique data insights, which studies music preferences and listening habits. Visitors who are already in Singapore can tune into their “Passion Tribe” playlist specially curated by Singaporeans who participated in phase 1 of the campaign. Featuring Singaporean artists and music, travelers can now experience a multi-sensory and musical adventure as they take in the city’s sights and sounds.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway from within the lion city, the Southern Ridges is the perfect place for you. This 10-km stretch of connecting trails gives you to a chance to explore nature while in the city, see Singapore’s tropical flora and fauna in their natural habitat and take in scenic views of the city and Southern Islands.

STB Philippines Area Director Lael Loh said: “STB is thrilled to continue with the second phase of the Beats of Singapore campaign with Spotify, following a successful run in the campaign’s first phase in Singapore. In this phase, we aim to offer travelers an innovative way in which they can discover and rediscover Singapore. Through recommendations made by Singaporeans, as well as the specially-curated music playlists, we hope travelers will be inspired to find out more about Singapore and deepen their passions on this journey of discovery through music.”