The best reasons to have regular and timely car oil change

(Press Release)

Your car needs basic care for it to perform well all the time and last longer in service. As a responsible and caring vehicle owner, you must always aim to keep it in the best condition to ensure overall safety when you are out on the road.

Keeping the car properly lubricated is one of the vital requirements for its maintenance. Thus, changing engine oil must be at the top of the list when maintaining the vehicle’s well-being. A good, clean, and effective oil product is a necessity for keeping a good and reliable car performance.

The oil-change procedure is very crucial and must be properly and strictly scheduled. It is without any doubt the most significant routine for car maintenance. You must know when to change your car’s engine oil to avoid incurring possible issues that may compromise the health of your engine and all other parts under the hood.

It will also be advantageous to consider an oil-change service as an opportunity for a routine check of the vehicle as a whole. The quick and hassle-free service must be done in regular intervals—every three to six months or every time you reach a mileage specified in your car’s manual or as prescribed by an auto-mechanic expert.

Whether you are driving a brand-new or an aging car, oil change must be performed as often as needed or required. Here are the top reasons why you must not skip or delay a routine or necessary oil change.


Regular and timely oil change keeps the engine clean.

Dirt and other unlikely particles can inevitably accumulate in the engine over time. In a tropical country like the Philippines, dry and dusty roads tend to bring even more unwanted particles under the hood and ultimately into the engine. Thus, sludge can be produced. This is why changing the engine oil regularly is helpful. Complement that with the replacement of the filters to make sure dirt particles are kept out before they bring about possible damage.

Routine oil change prolongs engine life.

Oil to your engine is what blood is to the human body. Proper lubrication protects the engine and most of its significant parts from inevitable wear and tear. However, after some time, the oil becomes dirty. This is why it needs to be replaced routinely. Again, when the engine is kept clean, its lifespan is prolonged. You can count more years with your reliable buddy.


Maintain good gas mileage by regularly changing engine oil.

You may not be aware of it but a well-performing and clean engine can be a factor in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. As mentioned, dirt accumulates in the engine over time. When that happens, the engine also incurs friction, which is a common detriment to ideal engine performance. Thus, by regularly changing engine oil and filters, the engine is kept clean, friction is reduced, and the car runs more efficiently, paving the way for an ideal gas mileage.


Regular oil change helps the car pass periodic vehicle emission tests.

Your car must pass the emissions test required every time you renew its registration. If the car engine oil is changed regularly, the burning of hydrocarbon buildups can be significantly lowered, leading to less release of unlikely smoke through the car exhaust. Thus, you also help lower air pollution.

Timely oil change keeps the engine in top performance.

Engine oil naturally breaks down over time. It inevitably loses viscosity, which in turn affects the lubrication of the engine’s cylindrical walls. After some time, sludge can also accumulate and block the flow of oil into other engine areas that require lubrication. Oil also helps lessen heat across engine parts. With the presence of sludge, those parts remain hotter for a longer time, affecting not just engine performance but also its efficiency.


“Changing engine oil regularly and on time is truly a must, if you want to avoid costly maintenance procedures and keep your vehicle for many more years,” says Benjamin Bangayan Jr, President of BSB Junrose, a local distributor of the world’s best and most trusted vehicle lubrication products.

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