BPI-Philam introduces financial planning to millennials through insurance

Screen grab from BPI-Philam Vitality TVC

Today’s generation, more popularly known as millennials, are often described as free-spirited. Some analysts look at them as impulsive purchasers who spend hard-earned money on the latest gadgets and items. International financial firm Goldman Sachs describe them in a recent study as people who would save up for leisure activities and vacations to enjoy life.

This led BPI-Philam to position itself as millennials’ partner for achieving total wellness—both physically and financially. For the local bancassurance firm, it is important to offer this generation the ‘best of both worlds.’

“They can live their present life to the fullest and have a secured future at the same time,” said BPI-Philam CEO Surendra Menon. The executive also emphasized that it is now possible to protect one’s future financially while at the same time enjoying the kind of lifestyle they want to live today.


Wellness as a priority
“Millennials have been hailed as the most health-conscious generation,” added Menon. “For them, wellness is a priority. They are willing to spend money to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Our priority is the same. That’s why we’ve integrated ways for them to maintain that lifestyle with our products.”

Among the company’s programs to do so is Philam Vitality, a wellness scheme that rewards policy owners for living an active lifestyle. “Through Philam Vitality, we’re encouraging them to take that first step to wellness and keep at it by giving them unparalleled rewards and exclusive access to partners like gyms and medical facilities,” Menon explained.


Serving as financial coach
BPI-Philam hopes their attractive insurance products would encourage millennials to get to know financial planning in an interesting and practical approach. This is also the reason the insurer’s products are made convenient and customizable to meet millennials’ preferences and requirements.

The company’s insurance products are available and accessible at convenient platforms to keep up with this generation’s mobile lifestyle. Aside from being available in all BPI branches nationwide, BPI-Philam’s insurance policies can also be found online through its website.

BPI-Philam aims to be the financial mentor that would encourage the millennials to gain and win in every milestone of millennials’ lives. Take a look at the company’s insurance products by clicking this link.