BPI talks about safe digital banking at first #BPITechTalk monthly session

“BPI’s Digital Banking is best in its class.” This was the assertion of BPI Consumer Platforms Business Lead Fitzgerald Chee during the maiden edition of #BPITechTalk, a new monthly roundtable discussion with members of the media, influencers, and bloggers.

In the presentation ‘A Smart and Easy Digital Experience,’ the giant bank highlighted the history and milestones of its BPI Online and BPI Mobile along with both platforms’ smart and convenient features and top uses.

“Its intuitive features are built for convenience, ease, and security. Customer experience is at the forefront as BPI continues to develop Digital Banking functionalities which make both the online and mobile banking app highly responsive to customers’ needs,” Chee said.

He added that BPI is continuously investing heavily in technology, including cybersecurity, to always make sure that the bank is providing safe, convenient, and secure digital financial services.

BPI Consumer Platforms Business Lead Fitzgerald Chee

Digital banking leader

BPI is a long-time leader in financial digitalization in the country. Its BPI Express Online has been setting the standard in online banking—bringing banking services to desktops and smartphones. In 2012, the bank introduced the Mobile Wallet, which was the first bank-initiated contactless payment system in the Philippines.

In 2016, BPI Digital 1.0 ushered in the bank’s digital transformation, establishing a technology foundation for digital aspirations. BPI has also set up the 24/7 cyber security operations center, upgraded core banking systems, and rebuilt digital infrastructure, including delayering of architecture.


Simplifying cybersecurity

Meanwhile, in the presentation ‘Cybersecurity Made Simple,’ BPI Enterprise Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer Jonathan Paz provided a glimpse of how technologically secure BPI Online and Mobile are and how the platforms are empowering users to manage their own online security.

BPI Enterprise Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer Jonathan Paz

“We follow a secure mobile app development regime to build a robust BPI Mobile app,” he said. “We keep abreast of the developments in the digitalization front and the evolving threat landscape. We continue to invest heavily in technology, especially in cybersecurity, to ensure we are able to deliver superior user experience, securely.”

Paz also shared an overview of the industry and digitalization trends, including drivers for a mobile-first strategy, threats to mobile banking, and the threat forecast for 2022.



#BPITechTalk is a one-hour, monthly media roundtable series where updates on the bank’s tech initiatives and capabilities are presented by top BPI executives. It aims to provide a holistic view of the bank’s digitalization journey.

BPI has accelerated its effective and reliable digital efforts during the pandemic as reflected in the rise in the volume of users of the bank’s digital channels. As of June 2022, about 5.2 million of its over 9 million clients have been enrolled in its digital platforms. Of that number, 3.5 million are active clients—up from 3.2 million by end of 2021 or 20% higher compared to the previous year.