How budget fares give more bang for your buck

Since air travel became available, travel for leisure to exotic destinations and countries across the globe has become an aspiration for many. The idea of seeing new places, experiencing adventures, and making memories are what drives people to travel. Younger generations spend on creating memories, moments and experiences—and are excited to go and pack their bags to their desired destinations.

But as enticing as it sounds, traveling may not always be a walk in the park for everyone. It takes months of careful planning and preparation to get everything ready for that much-awaited trip. While frequent vacationers have mastered the art of flying, first-time travelers may need assistance as they embark on an unforgettable getaway. And one of the most important items to prepare for is the budget.


Look for a low-cost quality airline

Traveling can expensive but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to maximize even a modest budget. Low-cost carriers and the abundance of lower fares have allowed many people to travel for the first time, and others to travel more regularly, minus the frills. Cebu Pacific, the leading carrier in the Philippines and one of the largest low-cost carriers in Asia, enables those who want to fly and make moments happen, without emptying their wallets. Aside from having a wide network of local and international destinations, Cebu Pacific has a large fleet of quality and modern aircraft that can take travelers safely to their destination.


Watch out for seat sales and promos

Aside from already being a budget-friendly airline, Cebu Pacific is also known for offering exciting seat sales throughout the year. These special deals can be a big help for young travelers who are looking to save up money for activities that can be done during their trips. All they have to do is follow the official Cebu Pacific social media accounts so they wouldn’t miss an update on exciting flight promotions.


Fun activity in Davao

Plan out itinerary in advance

To avoid getting lost when traveling, wasting time and spending unnecessarily, travelers must make it a habit to do prior research about the attractions and things to do in an area. List down the best tourist spots and the trendiest cafes and restaurants, and get oriented with directions for easier navigation. Checking websites can also help score discounts and deals on admission tickets or tour packages. For itinerary ideas, you can read the city guides and travel hacks at


Enjoy the place to the fullest

Adventurers can embrace wanderlust and prepare to explore their chosen destination. Traveling is always a great way to enjoy first-time experiences such as meeting locals, learning different cultures, getting a taste of authentic cuisine, and many more moments that you will remember for a lifetime. And with Cebu Pacific, travelers can have access to numerous local and international destinations that satisfy their thirst for unforgettable travel memories.

Hong Kong at night

Now, there are more opportunities for everyJuan to feed their wanderlust and just go! Cebu Pacific has increased flight frequencies on selected international routes.

From its hub at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Cebu Pacific now flies daily between Cebu and Narita; and up to ten times a week to and from Hong Kong. Singapore is also made more accessible as flights from Davao are now operated four times (4x) weekly, and thrice (3x) weekly from Iloilo.

Clark can also be your gateway to Hong Kong, with the airline’s twice-daily flights; and to Macau with its now daily operations. Additionally, CEB enables people to enjoy more of Bali, Sydney, Hanoi, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka as flights for all these destinations are now daily; and Taipei (twice daily) via Manila.

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