Cebu Pacific enables passengers to easily update their contact info online

Cebu Pacific has enhanced a feature of its Manage Booking online portal that facilitates easy and quick updating of passengers’ contact information after the finalization of a flight booking. The revamped feature is available to passengers who booked online or through a travel agency.

The enhancement is also aimed at providing support to local government units (LGUs) that require passenger details prior to a flight.

“Now more than ever, we have seen how important it is for airlines to have accurate passenger contact information—not only to keep passengers updated on flight changes but also to support contact tracing efforts,” said Cebu Pacific VP for Marketing & Customer Experience Candice Iyog. “We believe with this multiple-layer approach to safety and convenience, we will be able to restore trust and confidence in air travel for everyJuan.”

Cebu Pacific passengers can now conveniently update their contact information anytime, anywhere they could be. This can be done from post-booking until check-in through the company’s Manage Booking portal on the official website.

Fill out the necessary details on the Manage Booking page, then select which flight you’d want to modify. Click on ‘Update Guest Details’ and click continue until done. Click this link for answers to the most frequently asked questions about this service.