Cebu Pacific says it is now processing refunds filed in June

Cebu Pacific is continuously processing “a high volume of refund requests due to Covid-19 related flight cancellations.” In an update it released on November 5, 2020, the budget carrier disclosed that it has refunded P300 million in addition to the P2.4 billion it refunded as of September 17, 2020. That brings the total refund by the company to about P2.7 billion, which is about half of all the refund requests it has been receiving since April 2020.

The company also revealed that it is currently processing refund requests filed by its affected passengers in June 2020.

“To ensure CEB (Cebu Pacific) continues to provide affordable and accessible air transport services in the years to come, we have been working on raising fresh capital. Rest assured, we remain fully committed to close off pending refunds at the earliest possible time. Updates will be provided to our passengers once their requests have been processed,” the airline said in its update.

Cebu Pacific once again apologized for the delay, citing the overwhelming volume of requests it has been processing since the pandemic started. “As the aviation industry gradually restarts and reshapes amidst this new normal, we hope for your continued patience and understanding, as refunds may still take up to six (6) months from the time the request was filed,” it said.

Aside from issuing refunds, Cebu Pacific is also offering two other options for those affected by the flight cancellations. Cancelled flights can still be rebooked or credited to a travel fund, which can be used for purchasing tickets in the future.