Celebrate Year of the Rabbit with Google

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The calendar has started fresh once again, and with the turning of the seasons comes another heavily awaited Lunar New Year celebration. The air is abuzz with the festivities for the Year of the Rabbit and if you’re getting everything ready for the big occasion, here are some exciting features on Google to get you in the mood and help you celebrate the Lunar New Year:

Snap a photo with this year’s zodiac animal.

When you search “Lunar New Year” or other related keywords on your mobile device, the results page will also show you an adorable 3D model of a rabbit. Through the power of augmented reality, you can also take a photo with the rabbit in your actual surroundings—perfect for your Lunar New Year pics!

Throw a Puzzle Party using Google Arts & Culture!

Because Lunar New Year is best celebrated with friends and family, having activities and games that everyone can do together is a surefire way to enjoy the occasion.

Up to 50 people at once can try the Puzzle Party: Lunar New Year Edition on Google Arts & Culture. Players can complete digital puzzles that feature Lunar New Year artworks made by a wide roster of talented Asian artists.

Notable Lunar New Year artworks include Lunar New Year in Chinatown by Alan Ohashi, Together Apart Together: A Tray of the Asian Diaspora by Emily B. Yang, Still Life with Cut Apple and Orange by Georgette Chen, Art (APAHM 2022) by Loe Lee, and New Year’s Market in a Time of Peace-6 of 9 by Ding Guanpeng.

Learn how to cook staple Lunar New Year dishes.

No Lunar New Year celebration is complete without plates and plates of delicious food. During the season, you can search for the recipes of all the Lunar New Year favorites—such as pancit and lumpiang shanghai, just to name a few—on Google, so you can cook a fine festive feast for your friends and family.

All you have to do is search for a dish related to the season and a number of recipes will instantly pop up as one of the first things you’ll see on the results page. This makes it a lot easier to go on your culinary adventure for the festivities.

Check out what people are interested in.

Whether you’re curious about this year’s lucky zodiacs, countries that celebrate Lunar New Year, or simply how to say “Happy New Year” in Mandarin, aficionados of trends and data can keep up with the latest news and searches in the Lunar New Year Google Trends page. The page shows the most searched keywords and topics during the season, related topics, and articles—you’ll never miss out on what’s happening now as the Year of the Rabbit rolls in.

Enjoy a dazzling fireworks display on Google Search.

Once you’ve made your preparations for the celebration, it’s time to let the fireworks fly! Search ‘Lunar New Year’ on Google and the results page will show a fun and festive fireworks display, featuring rabbit-shaped sparkles. It’s definitely a great way to get in the spirit of Lunar New Year!

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