Hazardous waste treatment facility earns ISO certification for health, safety

The country’s first fully integrated hazardous waste treatment plant for industrial and biomedical wastes has earned a global certification in recognition of one of its facilities’ occupational health and safety management systems.

An ISO 45001:2018 certification has been awarded to Cleanway Environmental Management Solutions, Inc. (CEMSI) for its North Plant. The facility—located in Cutcut II, Capas, Tarlac—was recognized for notably prioritizing health and safety protocols within the workplace. It comes at a critical time when services for handling, treating, and disposing of hazardous industrial and medical wastes are most crucial.

“CEMSI takes pride in its commitment to the international standards in handling and treating hazardous waste,” said CEMSI Managing Director Jose Exiquel Esguerra. “Our certification for ISO 45001 is a testament of a greater effort to fulfill our mission for the people who take care of the environment. This builds more confidence among our partners as we take health and safety standards to a higher level.”

Meeting ISO 45001:2018 requirements

The certification focuses on the company’s preventive program requiring intensive employee protection and collaboration particularly in the production, logistics, and systems at work in operations.

The ISO 45001:2018 offers amendment in the High-Level Structure (HLS) through its standardization of structure, definition, and terminologies thereby facilitating simplified integration into other management systems like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It comes with an increased focus on the context of the organization and its risk recognition. Moreover, broader recognition of individuals covers permanent employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Greater management commitment

While the legal and regulatory compliance guidelines address all phases of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, the certification further requires greater involvement and commitment from the top management. Thus, health and safety protocols are part of CEMSI’s integral strategic planning.

“ISO 45001 is a set of standards developed to guide the company towards a goal of curbing unsafe practices within the workplace,” said Antonio Celajes, CEMSI Regional Operations Head for Luzon under the Operations Division. Having it is both an honor and responsibility. We show to our clients and to other stakeholders that the business is safe at all times with a heart and concern for its employees and partners.”