Local energy drink celebrates the country’s modern-day heroes

Boxing coach Albert Campilan is a hard-working father who has the firm determination to provide a better future for his family. Mompreneur Jam Valencia, on the other hand, strikes the balance as a hands-on and dedicated mom while working hard to manage her online business.

These two ‘modern-day’ heroes and the likes of them deserve our salute. That is why Cobra Energy Drink celebrates them and the rest of #TeamLakas as the nation observes National Heroes Day on August 28.

Cobra Energy Drink defines #TeamLakas as ordinary and hard-working individuals who do their best in their respective jobs on a daily basis. These people showcase determination and observe proper manners at all times. Cobra salutes them for being role models for every Filipino.

At the same time, the brand recognizes the commitment of #TeamLakas to their families and their sheer inspiration to help the community and the country as a whole.

The No. 1 Energy Drink in PH commits to continue giving #TeamLakas the extra energy for enhanced physical strength, maintained alertness, and boosted immunity with its Immuniplus+ Vitamin D and Zinc.

Be a hero as well with Cobra Energy Drink. Post your own modern-day hero stories with the caption #TeamLakas #CobraEnergyDrink and tag @CobraEnergyDrink on FB or @CobraEnergyDrinkPH on TikTok. You may also visit the brand’s online store here.