enables Ronin for more affordable AXS and SLP deposits

(Press Release)

Early this month, announced the integration of the Ronin network in the Philippines’ leading crypto and mobile wallet. Since its launch on February 28, 2022, users now experience lower fees and faster transactions by using Ronin to deposit AXS and SLP into their Coins wallet for iOS, Android, and even Web platforms.

Ronin is an Ethereum sidechain, a separate blockchain that runs parallel to Ethereum for full compatibility. It was built by Sky Mavis, the creators of Axie Infinity, to help scale the game due to the challenges of Ethereum Layer 1. Sending assets through Ethereum has become too expensive and slow for managers and scholars to move assets.’s integration with the Ronin network allows users to deposit AXS and SLP to their Coins wallet for minimal fees and faster transaction times.

Since adding AXS and SLP last December, including support for Ronin in the Coins platform has been a top priority to service the Axie community and ecosystem. Scholars and managers across the Philippines will now be able to convert their in-game winnings to PHP and cash out faster and at a lower cost. This update, along with many other improvements slated for this year, is part of’s continued efforts to build on the foundation of the Play-to-Earn movement.

To begin receiving AXS and SLP through the Ronin Network, customers simply need to update their app to the latest version. The app is available in the Google Play Store and App Store. Customers must be ID and selfie verified in order to receive AXS and SLP through the Ronin network.

The ability to send AXS and SLP through Ronin directly from the Coins wallet is also coming soon. To learn more about Ronin integration on visit

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