How to pick the finest giveaways for high-profile executives

Everybody likes the idea of receiving presents, especially during special occasions or holidays. Even CEOs who already have everything still get a little thrilled when special gifts are delivered to their offices.

As a business owner who aims to establish a good professional relationship with these leaders, deciding and finding the right giveaways for these important clients can become a recurring dilemma. How can you find that perfect item that will surely be appreciated by high-profile recipients?

Prime Leadercraft

“If you’re giving gifts to CEOs, you want to convey the message that you value their patronage,” says Raquel Romero, President and General Manager of World Expos & Concepts, Inc. (Worldexco), the company that mounts the country’s annual Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show. “One way to show this is to go the extra mile and give a branded gift.”

Romero explains that brands, especially international brands, naturally have a built-in prestige attached to them. People already have an idea of how much these items cost so giving a branded gift is a subtle way of showing these CEOs that you are willing to spend on them.

Luminox watch

Should you put your company logo?
The next dilemma would be about putting your own brand on the presents. It may seem counter-intuitive but Romero advises that, although it is still an acceptable practice to do so, it may not be necessary. Resisting the urge to alter the item’s appearance with your logo tells the client that your objective is to reward them, rather than get mileage for your brand. They may not be vocal in appreciation but they will surely appreciate this gesture, maybe even more than the gift itself.

One technique to get away from that need to emblazon a logo onto a premium item is to place it in customized packaging or send it with a personalized card which contains your brand. You can also just ask. “Suppliers of these premium items would be more than happy to give you creative ideas on how your brand can still be a part of the gifts,” says Romero.

Prime Leadercraft

Standing out from the rest
Moreover, it is still a challenge to make your corporate gift stand out from all other presents that CEOs will surely receive during a particular season. “It’s inevitable that there are certain items that become the trendy gift of the moment, so you want to try and actually be ahead of the trends. It’s the international brands that usually dictate the trends, so choosing these items may put you ahead of the game,” Romero suggests.

The 31st Corporate Giveaways, which is set on June 26-28, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City will feature some of the most creative and trendiest premium items that can serve as perfect presents to giveaway to CEOs, prestige clients, and business partners.

All of the specific presents that Romero has on her list of gift ideas for CEOs can be found in the show— brands such as Moleskine, Cross, Luminox, Rudy Project, Parker, Victorinox and Timex watches, among others, to branded luggage from Delsey, World Traveller, Pacsafe, and Samsonite. “There will be a lot of high quality, high-value items to choose from,” she says. The gifts you choose to give to high-profile executives should mirror your high regard for these discerning clients.