New book presents a framework for ‘creative innovation’ in the new normal

How should businesses reinvent in the face of the new normal? For serial tech-preneur Mario Domingo, enterprises can overcome the challenges brought about by the times by executing ‘creative innovation.’

Domingo, who serves as Group CTO of Hong Kong-based conglomerate Chi-X Asia-Pacific Holdings, Ltd. and President of Chi-X Global Technology Philippines, Inc., shares a framework for doing that through his recently launched new book ‘Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building a Culture of Innovation.’

In the book, published by Ambidextr Media, Domingo defined ‘creative innovation’ as a distinct subset of innovation. He differentiated ‘innovation’ from ‘creative innovation’—innovation can be done for its sake, even if it serves no practical purpose, whereas creative innovation achieves a specific business goal (like an increase in revenue or customers).


Valuable resource

“There’s a wide range of people who should read this book,” Domingo said during the book launch on November 23, 2020. “Of course, it will be a valuable resource for corporate leaders who want to innovate with agility and for startup owners who want real-world knowledge about scaling their organization. Yet, it is also for the student who simply wants to know how innovations are created in the real world.”

Domingo’s framework for creative innovation was drawn from his years of experience. He has founded several successful artificial intelligence (AI) firms and has continuously worked in fintech, healthcare, and other related fields.

Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building a Culture of Innovation is his first foray into writing a book. No less than Globe CEO Ernest Cu contributed by writing its foreword. Former Shell Chairman Cesar Buenaventura wrote the book’s afterword. Both thought leaders are among the new book author’s friends who support this endeavor.

“When we plant the seeds of creative innovation, it’s a long-term investment but especially necessary in this new economic environment. Encouraging creative minds everywhere to live up to their true potential is something you just can’t put a price on,” Domingo said.


Reference and inspiration

Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building a Culture of Innovation is a highly recommended reference and inspirational digest for:


  • Students who want to learn how to create innovative products


  • Startup founders who need real-world knowledge about scaling a business


  • Small business owners who aim for competitive advantage in the market


  • Corporate leaders who intend to innovate with the agility of a startup


Through this book, Domingo shares practical pieces of advice about digital transformation, design thinking, effective pitching, bootstrapping creativity, and the creation of an innovation hub.


‘Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building a Culture of Innovation’ can be ordered through this link. Price tag is P799.