4 creative things to do with broken toys

Being broken is an inevitable fate of toys. Broken toys have already fulfilled their purposes. The items are meant to be played with, subjecting them to the wear and tear process. A toy that remains in a good condition as if it is new is an item that has not lived its function. Needless to say, toys are meant to be played with and to be broken.

What to do with broken toys? Those items should not be part of your clutter. If there is sentimental value, you may hesitate to throw away those toys. But you may find many other possible uses for those. Here are four interesting ideas.

Room d├ęcor
Broken toys can be instantly converted into room decors. Most of those could look like antique items that could add more interest into any room. For example, radio controlled helicopters or airplanes would look better if those are hanged from your ceiling. To make it happen, use nylon fishing line or string and tie it to three sides of the item to obtain balance. Dinosaur figures could blend with book shelves in a library. A collection of dolls can be displayed in a display cabinet.

Paper weight
A small but heavy toy could be a perfect paper weight. It could help keep a pile of paper in place on top of a table. It would be more useful in a table that is beside a window. Aside from that purpose, it could also serve as an ornament, which could draw attention and amusement to your table. You may be delighted to see an old and favorite toy of yours evolve from being just a mere play item into an office accessory.

Are you fond of organizing sports events to facilitate fun time for your kids? You may stage a simple tournament for your kids and their playmates. Use broken toys to create improvised trophies. Mount the item on top of a rectangular wood. Spray paint the new trophy with silver or metallic gold to make it appear really pricey. You could possibly make beautiful trophies, which might be more interesting than trophies sold commercially in the market.

Art pieces
Teach your kids how to make unique art pieces out of broken toys. Those items can be converted into something else. Let the inner artist in you and your children come out by exploring creativity to create a different item out of every broken toy. Use paint, glitter, ribbon, and paper. The art pieces you make can be used as party favors or as souvenirs. The session could also serve as quality bonding time for you and your family.

Recycling is a popular advocacy these days. Broken toys can be recycled. Most of those are manufactured using plastic materials. Before they reach recycling stations, why not make something else out of those objects? Your creativity and resourcefulness should do its work.