Check out these back-to-school ‘kawaii’ finds at Daiso


The standard for imaginative lifestyle keeps up especially this back-to-school season at Daiso Japan. The retailer of everything uniquely Japanese (‘kawaii’) items is boasting of different cool items as it transforms run-of-the-mill desk and school supplies into surprisingly astonishing objects with head-turning charm and amazing features.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal recently dropped by a Daiso Japan store and found these great and practical finds that we assert are highly recommended for the season.

Water-resistant notepad
Because the start of kids’ school year usually falls on the onset of the rainy season, supplies that can withstand unpredictable weather conditions are always the best. Water-resistant notepads are designed to endure exposure to moisture with leaves that protect the ink from running so notes are kept fully intact.


No-dust rolling eraser
Kids who dislike the idea of having their study areas untidy after using pencil erasers would be delighted with this unconventional product. The no-dust rolling eraser can keep spotlessness of the workspace despite having numerous corrections in their handwritten pieces.


Other interesting items
Colorful compact staplers are head-turners but are very handy, those can easily be carried anywhere the user goes. Mini LED lamps can be helpful when spending long hours studying at night, while animal-shaped erasers will surely keep children delighted to write or draw on paper.


The store’s shelves are also filled with various sticky notes, styled paper clips, crepe flowers, calligraphy instruments, and other kawaii and surprisingly smart items. Daiso also sell desk knickknacks and other nifty products, not just for kids but also for adults who prefer to use unique, interesting office supplies at work.

Be surprised to find ‘kawaii’ supplies that won’t hurt your pocket. Visit the nearest Daiso Japan store to take your pick from numerous uniquely Japanese items.