Delamar bounces back after almost a year of hiatus


Former radio jock Delamar is back!

The original half of the popular tandem Chico and Delamar at FM radio morning talk show The Morning Rush (airs weekdays, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. over Monster Radio RX 93.1) will helm a weekly online talk show entitled Str8 Up with Delamar.

The online talk show will be posted at the Facebook page of online site 8list every Wednesday at 12 noon beginning June 21. Delamar will also do live FB video chat immediately following every episode.

Str8 Up will serve as a digital platform were Delamar (Delamar Arias-Ashby in real life) can share her experiences and express her opinions to help educate her audience in a unique way. She promises straight up delivery of a different perspective on various topics that range from politics, relationships, and everything in between. The show aims to be a venue for discovery as Delamar talks about important issues with well-thought-out arguments that are backed by research.

“Everyone’s on the internet now and it’s such a great place to engage with people,” Delamar said. “Here, I could collaborate with a team and create content that can really open people’s minds. Or at least entertain them.”


Bouncing back
Delamar signed off from The Morning Rush on July 29, 2016 after co-hosting the radio show with DJ Chico Garcia for 20 years (the show first aired on July 8, 1996; it is now co-hosted by DJ Gino Quillamor). “I wanted to spend more time with my family, especially my children who need attention from their mom at this early stage in their lives,” she explained.

Since then, Delamar has remained a stay-at-home mom to three kids (two boys and a new-born daughter) and wife to a BPO executive. But after almost a year, she found an opportunity to re-connect with followers without compromising her obvious priority.


Different topics
The first episode will talk about comfort zones. She admitted finding it uneasy to transition from radio to video but thinks she is growing in doing so. Thus, she encourages everyone to do the same—get out of their so-called comfort zones to learn new things.

Str8 Up will tackle various topics each week. Delamar promises to present something new or different every episode.

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