Diana Stalder’s promise of a better you emerges in the new normal

Who says good skincare isn’t essential in these trying times? The new normal has been changing the way people do things—including the way one takes care of his/her skin. Now that everyone has more time for himself/herself, there surely is much room for continuing to come up with the better version of one’s self.

Diana Stalder, one of the country’s top authorities on skincare and beauty, is continuously providing the best products and services in the market during the new normal. With the dermatological breakthrough products continuously manufactured by its contract manufacturer, Stalder Laboratories, Inc., you can be sure the health of your skin will not get left behind.

There is no excuse from getting the Diana Stalder skincare you have been accustomed to as the flagship products of the brand remain up for purchase at the Gateway Center aside from its authorized resellers nationwide and online through its official Shopee store. Here are the in-demand Diana Stalder products and services that you can still conveniently avail even in the community quarantine.


Diana Stalder Skincare Kits

Keeping the hands clean at all times is still the best way to arrest the spread of the virus. Diana Stalder Hygiene Kit has the essential items that will keep you protected at all times. The Tea Tree Soap has natural antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties to protect you not just from the coronavirus but also from all other ailment-causing microorganisms. The Kiwi Lush Hand Sanitizer—the new liquid gold—is your handy protection against coronavirus, also bringing the refreshing and invigorating feel from the tropical fruit. The kit comes with a 30-mL-bottle of alcohol for added hygiene.


The Anti-Acne Kit serves as your first line of protection and treatment against acne, a common skin problem caused by the prevalent factors in the pandemic-hit world. The bundle comes with an Acne Solution Toner, an Acne Solution Cream, Night Therapy Gel, and Lemon Soap. Acne breakouts need not be among your many concerns in these difficult times.


While the work-from-home setup forces most of us to just stay at home most of the time, this could be the ideal time to vamp up your skin-whitening goals. Diana Stalder got you covered with its Face Whitening Kit (Glycerine Soap, Dual Action Toner, Triple Action Cream, and Sunscreen Cream), Body Whitening Kit (Triple Action Lotion, Skin Hydration Lotion, and Papaya Kojic Soap), and Face & Body Whitening Kit (Papaya Kojic Soap, Lightening Lotion Plus, and Skin Light Therapy). Let the Melasma Kit (Dual Action Toner, BB Cream, Skin Light Therapy, and Black Soap) take care of the unwanted patches appearing on your skin.

Diana Stalder Skincare Services

With the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) implemented in Metro Manila and surrounding cities, Diana Stalder is now accepting appointments for consultation with its resident Dermatologist at its Gateway center. Clients can get comprehensive medical advice from a specialist. The branch strictly observes safety protocols within the premises and accommodates 30% of the center capacity at a time in adherence to the government regulations for the time being.


One of the in-demand services available is the Dermalift Anti-Aging System. The revolutionary, non-invasive technique utilizes micro-current for stimulation of skin production of natural collagen and elastin for improvement of skin texture and brightness. The service is what most clients need in a time when anxiety and stress affect skin health, resulting in skin sagging and wrinkle formation. The service includes Dermalift and the Casmara Aging 360 Facial for optimum results.


Extra Income Opportunity

The promise of a better you comes with an opportunity to be part of the skincare solution and earn extra income at the same time. Diana Stalder is inviting its loyal clients to take a shot at reselling the brand’s revolutionary skincare regimens. Contact the Diana Stalder center nearest you to inquire about the Authorized Reseller program.

Be the better you in the new normal. Diana Stalder will help you face the ever-changing world with unrelenting confidence, no matter what.