Eastern Communications delivers connectivity solutions to Pampanga hospitals

(Press Release)

Eastern Communications, one of the country’s premier telecommunications companies, is stepping up its efforts to deliver reliable and upgraded digital solutions to major hospitals in Pampanga, namely, the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center, Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital, and the Green City Medical Center, to help them improve their daily operations.

In the past couple of years since the pandemic struck, the surge of patients has been a serious threat to hospitals and the healthcare system. As of August 1, 2022, the Pampanga Provincial Information Office* has reported a total of 78,277 Covid-19 cases. In order to manage the growing number of patients and their records, hospitals have had to adapt online databases and processes for more efficient recording and contact-less activities. The need to digitize operations and to have a reliable internet service provider has grown more than ever, especially for hospitals in provincial areas.

Driven by its heart for service and unwavering commitment to democratizing technology across the country, Eastern Communications continues to service three major hospitals in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga by providing them with high-tech digital tools that help fulfill daily operations.

“Digital technology has become a serious need in many sectors of our country, especially in our healthcare system,” says Michael Castañeda, Eastern Communications Head of Sales Division. “In a country like the Philippines where healthcare facilities are starting to embrace the efficiency of digital technology and everything it has to offer, it is vital that these facilities have a reliable internet provider to make sure that none of their processes are disrupted.”

Tool for better operations

These major hospitals in Pampanga have been loyal customers of Eastern Communications, and during the surge of patients and business, the connectivity products have proven to be helpful in running their operations.

Both Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center and JBL Memorial General Hospital are equipped with Eastern Communications’ business-grade Internet Direct Service (IDS). Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center has been a customer since 2020, while JBL Memorial General Hospital availed Eastern’s services earlier in 2019. Eastern IDS is a premium and dedicated high-speed business-grade solution, which is most ideal for companies that have 24/7 operations and have critical processes that have a specific bandwidth requirement.

Close to these health centers, GreenCity Medical Center has also subscribed to Eastern’s Fiber1 connection since 2019 and has recently upgraded its current internet solutions in place, increasing its capacity to be able to serve their growing number of patients. Fiber1 is Eastern Communications’ enhanced internet solution which runs on fiber optic links that offer speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. It delivers high-speed internet connectivity with less downtime and is recommended for businesses and companies that require fast and smooth internet in their operations.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to help these hospitals in Pampanga, as well as the many patients that they serve every day. By equipping these hospitals with a fast, smooth, and reliable internet connection, we hope to further streamline their processes, help improve the quality of their services to their patients, and contribute to the efficiency of Pampanga’s local healthcare system” said Andy Carandang, Executive Account Manager of Eastern Communications – Pampanga Sales Division.

To learn more about Eastern Communications’ services, visit eastern.com.ph. Stay tuned as it unveils its new website soon.