State of Snacking Survey: Snack times bring families together amid pandemic

Snack times are among the few times each day that brings together families and households. The State of Snacking Survey 2020 found that this is how more than seven out of 10 work-from-home parents from around the world feel during the ongoing pandemic.

According to the same poll, more than half of global consumers prefer nostalgic snack brands—products they have known from their childhoods and snack brands that bring them good memories.

The survey had 6,292 respondents from around the globe—comprising of adults who are 18 and older. The study aimed to determine how comfort drives consumers’ behavior towards snacking during a challenging year. It was conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Mondelēz International, parent company of Mondelēz Philippines, Inc., which locally distributes iconic snack brands that include Eden Cheese.


Family snacking staple

Eden Cheese is the country’s top clock cheese brand and has been among the staples of Filipinos’ snack times for over 36 years now. The brand has accompanied local families through the numerous trials and joys that came their way in the past decades.

This year, Eden Cheese aims to help provide a source of comfort and connection to families. The brand recognizes the fact that everyone will have to continue facing one of the most challenging periods in this lifetime and looks forwards to be with Filipinos again is surmounting the crisis soon.

Eden Cheese has a long history of bringing together family members through its delicious creaminess. During these interesting times, the brand hopes it could remain as an enabler for families in discovering relationships and making them stronger through their shared food moments.


Family relations

“We believe in supporting the strong relationship of Filipino families and providing comfort to them as we continue to emerge from the challenges we face,” said Eden Cheese Brand Manager Kristen Mendoza. “With meal and snack times becoming important touchpoints in daily life, Eden Cheese aims to help families savor these moments together.”

Mendoza revealed that the State of Snacking Survey 2020 also found that 52% of adults globally feel that snacking with others has become a high point of their daily lives during this pandemic. “We hope that the creaminess that Eden Cheese brings to favorite dishes like Pinoy Spaghetti can encourage families to linger at the table, strengthen their bonds and create wonderful moments together.”

Evolving dining table

Eden Cheese understands that the Filipino dining table is evolving—it has become multi-purpose as parents at times use it as an office desk and kids turn them into desks for online schooling. “We aim to bring back its real purpose, which is to bring families together through a delicious food moment that they can share together,” the brand said in a press statement.

To help encourage local consumers to savor every moment during snack times together, Eden Cheese has released an inspirational short film to highlight the importance of togetherness. You can watch it here:

“Eden’s creaminess is able to enrich many different dishes, so families can always find reasons to snack and be together, be it big or small moments to provide comfort to their day,” Mendoza ended.