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Effective tips for travelling green

You do not need to become a volunteer to save sea turtles, to forgo your indulgences, or to sleep inside a tent just to be an environmental friendly traveler. It also will not be necessary to make reservations in an eco-luxury hotel, which boasts of organic cotton sheets. Going eco-friendly need not be expensive, tedious, or hard.

There will always be numerous affordable ways to lower your trip’s environmental impact. Be amazed because most of those will even help enhance your very own travel experience. Here are some ideas you can consider.

Try alternative transport to flying.
Air travel will always be the fastest means to reach faraway places. Known to many, airplane emissions are higher compared to other transport modes. But nothing is wrong with flying. If you can possibly travel by land or air, it will be more advisable to do so as far as environmentalism is concerned. If you have no other option, you may limit the frequency of your travel.

Eat local food.
Visit farmers’ markets or opt to eat local delicacies when you reach your destination. This way, you can support local food industry and further encourage organic farming. Local food does not require importing, which can help lower carbon emissions and pollution from transportation of goods. Besides, enjoying local delicacies is one effective way to appreciate a destination.

Reduce your waste when checked in at your hotel.
Do not overindulge on resources and energy when staying in a hotel. Even if there will be no additional charge for overindulgence on basic amenities, stay environmentally conscious. Take quicker or shorter showers, do not leave lights on if unused, and do not crank up air conditioning. When you are visiting a foreign land, you should still respect local resources and environment. Look for eco-friendly hotels with necessary certifications if you really want to prevent any environmental impact when traveling.

Rent a bike.
The bike is certainly the most efficient vehicle. It does not require fuel to be useful. And of course, it does not contribute to air pollution, making it the most environmentally friendly form of land transport. If biking around is allowed in your destination, prefer it. It can even be better for your health as biking can be a good form of exercise.

Pack lightly.
In general, vehicles consume more fuel for energy if they carry heavier loans. You can help reduce emission by bringing with you less stuff when you travel. Aside from that, your pocket will also benefit from it. You will be required to shoulder less luggage fees. If you carry lighter luggage, you will be more inclined to take public transportation or even to walk just to get around.

Lastly, prefer buying handmade goods that are made of organic material as souvenirs. Stay away from those items that are made of plastic and other synthetic components that may harm the environment. And again, opt to make your home-bound load lighter.

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