5 effective ways to deal with thinning hair

Thinning hair and hair loss are among the most common signs of aging in both men and women. However, in other cases, such problems occur due to hereditary factors, medical conditions, or damage incurred due to use of unlikely consumer products.

Losing the crowning glory could cause constant anxiety and lower a person’s confidence level. Fortunately, balding hair should never be a serious problem these days. Here are creative, yet effective ways to cope with minor and major hair loss problems:

1. Cut your hair short.
In general, short hairstyles can help minimize the visual impact of thinning hair. It is also an easy and fast strategy to conceal early signs of baldness.

2. Adopt the right hairstyle.
There are volume-enhancing hair products that can help make your hair rise from the scalp, giving way to a thicker appearance. As much as possible, avoid using those greasy hair products and heavy hairsprays, which could only flatten or clamp hair together emphasizing bald patches. Blow drying hair can give extra volume. Women can also opt to layer and lock their hair in large curls to attain an illusion of volume.

3. Try available topical treatments.
Consider any of the most recommended over-the-counter topical treatments available in the market. You may also try using scalp lotions and shampoos that were formulated to help retard hair loss and promote hair re-growth. At the same time, be mindful of your diet and be sure to eat plenty of food rich in zinc, protein, and iron—nutrients that can help address your hair thinning problem.

4. Use a fashionable wig or toupee.
Invest in good wigs, toupees, or hair extensions. This is recommended if you can’t wait for the results of using topical treatments. Through this option, you could style your hair just the way you want it to be styled without worrying about possibly exposing your bald patches and even change your look without any hassle.

5. Get into a long-term and permanent medical treatment.
Through hair transplant, you could grow your hair naturally and permanently. Hair transplant experts like MAXiM Hair Restoration offer advanced technology using no-stitch, no linear scar procedures called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) along with conventional hair transplant technique known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). You can also opt for a non-surgical method known as Scalp Micropigmentation, which gives a short buzz-cut look without subjecting you to an actual hair transplant.

MAXiM is a 12-year-old hair transplant company from the U.S. that specializes in hair restoration for people of any age. Complimentary hair transplant consultations are facilitated in their Makati City clinic or via video calling services like Skype.