Enderun opens newly established College of Architecture and Design

After years of planning and development, Enderun Colleges is opening the doors of its newly established College of Architecture and Design (CAD). The private tertiary education institution will start accepting pioneer students to the new college in the upcoming school year, which is set to start in August 2020.

CAD is bringing together some of the brightest minds and preeminent figures in architecture and interior design. Its Advisory Board includes renowned architect and urban planner Felino ‘Jun’ Palafox (Chairman), Architect Gelo Manosa, Architect Jojo Tolentino, and Interior Designer Chat Fores. The Advisory Board will advise Enderun on strategic developments and key evolutionary trends in global architecture and design so that the new college’s curricula stay industry-relevant and future-driven. They will also commit to mentorship and guest lectures, as well as open up internship and job placement opportunities to students.

“The new college’s strategic focus, and commitment, is on sustainable cities and spaces for the 21st century, emphasizing the creation of value, green and socially relevant architecture, and innovative design that meet the new global standards as well as enable critically in-demand urban and regional planning to move forward,” said Enderun Colleges President Ed Rodriguez.

“No industry leader is better experienced, nationally and globally, and ready to lead this ambitious and relevant mission for the new Colleges than Architect Palafox, who will guide its continued development and the impact-oriented delivery of its new programs as Chair of the Advisory Board,” Rodriguez added.

Enderun’s two new degree programs in architecture and interior design equip students with solid technical abilities, relevant knowledge in sustainability and technology, creative skills, and practical application that the industry demands while strengthening their communication, critical thinking, and management skills so they turn out to be entrepreneurial, competitive, and visionary practitioners.

CAD is the fourth college under Enderun. Its campus based in Taguig City currently houses its Culinary School, Hotel and Restaurant Management School, and Business Administration School.

Enderun’s CAD is now accepting student applications for the new school year 2020-21. It also offers merit scholarships and financial aid to qualified senior high school graduates.