Enderun starts offering Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program to students

Enderun Colleges has formally launched its Bachelor in Multimedia Arts program under its College of Architecture and Design. The program offering aims to deliver a progressive and multifaceted education to students and future graduates who will be trained to excel in the rapidly evolving field of digital media and communications technology.

The Bachelor in Multimedia Arts program will nurture future industry leaders through a robust foundation of technical excellence in art, proficient management skills, and articulate communication of ideas. Enderun also aims to develop the artistic tastes of students through immersive internship initiatives that will expose them to real-world work experiences in their preferred creative fields.

In line with the new program, Enderun also inaugurated its Design and Innovation Campus to facilitate the laboratory activities of Multimedia Arts students. The new campus located at Estancia Mall in Pasig City will house the Multimedia Arts program and will be a complementary learning hub for the College of Architecture and Design, which has its own building at Enderun’s main McKinley Hill campus.


The 900-square-meter center features 26 rooms—including a multimedia studio, editing and audio laboratories, and a computer room. It is also equipped with professional tools and machines to support students in the development of their graphic design and animation skills.

During the center’s inauguration, Enderun highlighted the new campus’ ambient interiors, which are designed to be conducive to brainstorming activities. The campus will also serve as an incubation center for startup design and innovation businesses and groups, which in turn may offer students industry knowledge and experience, making Enderun Design and Innovation Campus an impressive creative hub.

Enderun Colleges’ senior management namely Jack Tuason, Daniel Perez, Tricia Tensuan, and Dean of the College of Architecture and Design, Arch. Stephanie Tan-Branquinho, are joined by the Multimedia Arts’ Advisory Board: Ivan Despi, Donald Lim, Laurenti Dyogi, Michelle Barretto, and Seven A.D. represented by Russell Molina, Teeny Gonzales, and Tey San Diego.

Enderun also introduced the Multimedia Arts program advisory board, which would back the faculty in providing additional guidance and mentorship in their respective industries. Scholarships will also be named after the board members—including Donald Lim, Budjette Tan, Dan Matutina, Ivan Despi, Michelle Baretto, Trey San Diego, Russell Molina, and TV director Laurenti Dyogi. ‘

Each scholarship grant will be awarded to a qualified incoming freshman. It will also come with discounts of up to 100% on tuition fees throughout the year, renewable for up to 4 years while studying in Enderun. The scholarship will start in the upcoming school year (2022 to 2023, which will begin this month).

Moreover, Enderun has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UCLA Extension in California. It states that Enderun students could possibly gain academic credits from UCLA Extension on subjects like Data Science Fundamentals, Design Thinking, Special Topics: Design Entrepreneurship, and Digital Marketing.

(Editor’s Note: Every semester in the program would cost around ₱210,000.)

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