Epson EV-100 projectors boost interiors of several global establishments

(Press Release)

There’s no denying that one of the primary factors for successful retail, art, or food-service business is the impact its displays and interior design have on consumers. Store atmospherics such as lighting, color, music, or scent can influence emotions and behavior. An engaging, visually pleasing display or interior design can potentially be the key to attracting new customers and retaining them.

When it comes to in-store displays, IKEA has mastered the art of creating a sensorial experience from interactive product setups to dynamic and captivating visual images. Focused on innovation, the IKEA shop in Krakόw, Poland wanted to elevate the way products are presented by using big displays with the smallest equipment possible. Believing that flat panel displays would restrict designs to rectangles, its Digital Solution Implementations team decided to install Epson’s EV-100 laser projectors, allowing its content provider to use any shape and size for a dynamic design that will grab the customers’ attention.

Compared to LCD screens, these laser projectors gave the shop flexibility to move its digital displays anywhere and project high-quality images while fitting seamlessly into the store’s interior design. Epson’s projection signage solutions helped IKEA Krakόw’s customers with their decision-making by providing a unique solution like nothing else in the market.

The applications of LightScene, Epson’s range of projection signage solutions, are not limited to store displays, however. It can also provide an engaging and immersive customer experience for museums, art centers, and restaurants, transforming spaces by projecting images on the walls, ceiling, or floor as it blends with the environment’s interior design. The technology in Epson’s projection signage solutions enables businesses to create mesmerizing customer experiences by transmitting imagery onto urban surfaces.

The LightScene range was developed to display digital visual content that pushes the boundaries of creativity and imagination. To address the market’s evolving demands and needs, this series features a wide range of products which includes the EB-800F/805F ultra-short-throw projector, the EB-L200SX/L200SW short-throw projector, the EV-110/115 spotlight-designed projectors, and the EB-U50/W50 normal-throw projectors.

With the innovative LightScene projectors as their tool, content creators are now able to explore various artistic and creative visual executions. Even establishments such as retail stores and restaurants can showcase their products and services by mounting eye-catching installations beyond the usual.


Making possible economical yet creative installations

The post-pandemic environment has caused businesses to cut back their budgets on costly marketing events and experiences to promote their products and services. The technology in Epson LightScene projectors is giving marketers a creative and practical solution to bringing fun, immersive but contactless experiences to life for their customers.

The LightScene range of projectors can be used with Epson’s suite of software solutions to easily and inexpensively change, liven up, and bring objects and physical spaces to life. Dynamic and interactive images can be projected on an array of surfaces such as walls, pillars, or even floors, making the use of these projectors more flexible compared to fixed displays such as LED video walls or flat panel displays.

In displaying interactive content, the Epson EV-110/115 models, through their input motion sensors, create a different level of engagement. The sensor detects movement around the projected image, eliciting a programmed response that makes the experience more immersive for the viewer. This can be replicated in different areas since projectors can be conveniently moved to different locations depending on the seasonality or duration of promotions.

Beijing Art Center uses LightScene projectors to bring art to life.

In an exhibition at the Beijing Art Center, toy company W. Kong collaborated with 112 artists to produce over 600 artworks that were projected on a signature dummy art which magnified and gamified the artistic experience for visitors. Art was also projected on the floor to create a captivating experience for audiences.

W. Kong succeeded in grabbing the attention of its audience by allowing contributors to create their own content, change their painting instantaneously using the 3D mapping feature and finally, project it as an interactive slide show. Being particular about spatial design for an undisrupted visual event, the Beijing Art Center utilized the sleek, spotlight design of the EV-100 series—which blended naturally within the space—to experiment and push the boundaries of digital art and interactive displays.

Nazuki Restaurant in Tokyo delights customers with dynamic displays.

To bring out an alluring dining experience through dynamic imaging, the Nazuki restaurant in Tokyo lived up to its fame as an entertainment restaurant by projecting curated and synchronized images on walls, tables, and floors so that guests can dine amidst spectacular scenery. The projector’s sensors even create a rippling effect as diners walk around the restaurant. Messages and videos are projected onto tables and walls to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. All of these are managed and controlled by an Epson Creative Projection app on a tablet.

“It’s amazing how our LightScene products can unleash the creativity in our customers.  By sharing how different people have used projected light to create ingenious and immersive experiences or to change up the ambiance in space, we hope to inspire businesses to push the boundaries of their own creativity to capture the attention of their customers,” said Ng Ngee Khiang, Regional Director – Visual Products Division, Epson Southeast Asia.

The LightScene projector series includes the following models with these specifications:

Model no.


Throw Ratio

Color/White Brightness

Light Source

EB-800F/ EB-805F

Full HD 0.27 – 0.37

(Wide – Tele)




XGA 0.55 – 0.74 (Wide – Tele) 3600lm


EB- L200SW

WXGA 0.48 – 0.65 (Wide – Tele) 3800lm


EV-110 / EV-115

WXGA 1.38 – 2.19 2200lm



WUXGA 1.38 – 1.68 (Wide to Tele) 3700lm



WXGA 1.30 – 1.56 (Wide to Tele) 3800lm


Discover the endless possibilities with projection signage solutions and learn how you can use them to leave a unique, lasting impression for your customers. For more information on Epson’s LightScene projector range, please visit the website or get in touch with your local Epson Authorised Dealers.