Epson innovates the future of the PH public sector

(Press Release)

The Covid-19 pandemic has inevitably disrupted traditional ways of working. Both public and private organizations have had to shift to alternative work models in order to bolster productivity and efficiency amid external circumstances. The public sector, in particular, faces greater expectations to ensure that government agencies’ key services remain unhindered to support citizens’ needs.

As more employees either begin their return to the office or shift towards hybrid work arrangements, it is crucial that these organizations are able to provide their workforce with the necessary tools and equipment in order to perform effectively—no matter where they are.

Another factor to consider is how organizations have been urged to digitize their operations. What used to be the standard policies and regulations may no longer be applicable as the public sector has begun its transition to digital. According to a 2020 study conducted by the Development Academy of the Philippines, agencies must begin to reevaluate and adjust their policies concerning offsite access to their databases, as well as implement regulations that support better productivity and collaboration among the workforce in order to fast-track digital transformation in the public sector.

For global technology leader Epson, fostering a work environment that is efficient, secure, digital, and sustainable—no matter where its workers are situated—often starts with providing them with the right tools.

“As we start this shift towards the ‘next normal’, most organizations—the public sector included—have to reevaluate their ways of working,” said Ed Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division, Epson Philippines. “At Epson, we are committed to helping these organizations successfully shift to the digital space, thus fostering a more productive, collaborative, and innovative work dynamic.”


Introducing innovations to increase workforce efficiency

The Philippine public sector has always been known to be strictly traditional with its systems—from day-to-day operations to private documentation. While it is an overwhelming feat to shift to digital, Epson encourages the public sector to start within the office space.

WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20750 A3 Multifunction Printer

“Digitization doesn’t always mean complex systems. Going digital can start with the equipment organizations choose to place in their offices,” said Bonoan. “Our business inkjet printers help tackle what is perceived to be one of the more mundane functions of the office, but can ultimately boost productivity and reduce downtime.”

When printing critical documents or bulk printing office forms, Epson’s business inkjet printers help simplify work processes, and reduce downtime and manual intervention—thus resulting in time savings and convenience, without compromising on Epson’s core value of sustainability. Powered by Heat-Free Technology, the Epson WorkForce Enterprise Printers provide consistent high-speed printing and scanning, as well as consume less power which increases productivity while minimizing running energy costs. And with fewer replacement parts, these printers are built to reduce environmental impact.

Epson WorkForce DS-1630

For a specific need in scanning high-volume documents, Epson’s extensive line of scanners ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition at a lower footprint. The WorkForce Scanners are the perfect companions for easy and effortless digital storage. Designed to support high-volume scanning environments, the WorkForce Scanners combine performance, speed, and durability in a sleek, compact design, as well as deliver efficient document scanning with a diverse range of media handling at the exceptional quality for higher productivity.

To further aid in the digitization of the public sector, Epson offers a host of administrative services and software solutions that work with their printing and scanning products to ultimately help simplify fleet deployment and management for offices. For the public sector, which is expected to be efficient and secure, Epson has the solution. These offers include the Epson Device Admin which easily manages an entire fleet of devices remotely, as well as the server-based solution Epson Print Admin which creates a secure printing, scanning, and copying environment through user authentication. Epson’s document management software also allows users to edit and efficiently manage scanned files and integrate them into the cloud as needed.

“Epson is committed to developing environmentally conscious products that do not compromise on quality, efficiency, and performance,” said Bonoan. “We offer sustainable innovations because we recognize that the choices we make as organizations, individuals, or a society will be essential to our shared success.”