Epson sets focus on its motion-sensing technology

Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson) is set to start selling new sensing technologies that combine semiconductor and optical solutions that it has been developing for many years.

In a recent disclosure, the company said it will soon launch a new unit that will capitalize on its own motion-sensing analysis technology that it has originally developed for its M-Tracer golf swing analysis system to provide valuable data about the action and movement of people and objects. Epson hopes to create new customer value through such open-innovation initiatives.

For many years now, Epson has been using sensors to analyze big data and has accumulated a vast amount of information and algorithms. The company is confident that it can further develop smart sensing technology and speed up the creation of new applications through building partnerships with collaborating companies and engaging in open innovation projects that focus on its sensing device families and algorithm platforms.

Epson said it will continue developing efficient, compact, and precise technologies and create new markets in a diverse and expanding range of applications—whether in artificial technology and/or Internet of Things—where needs are emerging.