Epson unveils newest and shortest throw 4K PRO-UHD laser home projector

(Press Release)

Epson continues to strengthen its home projector range with the launch of the EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B Laser Projection TV.

The EH-LS800B provides an immersive big-screen experience on a screen size of up to 150 inches. With the projector positioned at just 2.3cm away from the wall, the user can enjoy an 80-inch screen size. This makes it the shortest ultra-short throw home projector in the market. The projector also boasts high brightness and vivid image quality due to its 4K PRO-UHD resolution and is specially designed to be an all-in-one smart projection solution for users to refine their visual experiences at home.

Epson’s unwavering record of visual excellence means that the EH-LS800B delivers incredible image quality and color brightness that will improve users’ home theater, gaming, and even online workout experiences. Users can enjoy smooth gaming quality with under 20ms input lag with HDMI 3, a screen resolution, and refresh rate of 1080p and 120Hz, respectively.

Comprehensive graphic settings

The EH-LS800B features adaptive light output that optimizes environmental brightness automatically, even during the day. The light output gradually changes within two minutes depending on environmental brightness changes. This results in enhanced usability as users will not be able to detect any visual changes with their naked eye, nor will any change be shown in the system’s user interface.

The projection image color can also be adjusted according to the wall color for optimal image quality, and can be set up by changing the white balance setting – users can select the best setting according to the wall color, light warmth, and other environmental factors.

Additionally, the flexibility of the screen projection boosts users’ experience as it allows them to adjust the screen size and move the screen position. Epson’s upgraded graphic settings also offer better usability and optimize power consumption to save energy and costs.

Professional graphic experience

With state-of-the-art image processing, the EH-LS800B features 4K frame interpolation, scene adaptive gamma, and auto contrast enhancement which offer vibrant high quality and crystal-clear image quality at home. Not only that, the brightness of 4000 lumens ensures that home cinema enthusiasts can enjoy the projector at its most vibrant, even during daytime and without a screen. In addition, the EH-LS800B also lets users have the option of achieving even higher quality images by pairing it with the ELPSC35 100-inch ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen. Also featuring a low fan noise of just 19 decibels at 50% brightness, the EH-LS800B is a quiet home projector that does not interfere with your viewing experience.

The 2.1-channel Yamaha speaker system is built-in and delivers powerful sounds. Accompanied by the projector’s 150-inch projection capability, professional 4K quality, HDR functions, and low fan noise, the EH-LS800B provides users with a big screen experience that promises immersion, right in the comfort of their homes.

Simple installation and use

Precise, flexible, and easy installation is also made possible with the ultra-short throw projection lens of the EH-LS800B. The Epson Setting Assistant application can help users adjust projection images and has built-in simplified cable management for wired connections to external devices as well as a lower offset that improves flexibility. Users will no longer need to worry about issues that come with complex cable setups, ceiling installations, and even throw distance.

The 0.16 throw ratio also means that users can enjoy a 100-inch screen size with just a distance of 35cm from the wall to the front of the projector, further reducing space constraint worries and limitations when it comes to placing the projector.

The EH-LS800B’s external interface has also been improved–users can now easily access functions such as the power switch and HDMI port, and adjust image focus as they are now on the side of the projector, making a seamless user experience.

“We aim to improve the quality of time that friends and family spend together–our latest ultra-short throw 4K PRO-UHD laser home projector can do just that. The EH-LS800B can truly elevate user’s lifestyle and provide them with immersive visual experiences with its high image quality, flexibility, and ease of use,” said Eduardo Bonoan, Head of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines.

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