Customer experience can drive SME revenue, according to Epson study

(Edited Press Release)


Across Southeast Asia, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) now realize the impact of positive customer experiences on their revenue flow. This is based on findings of a recent poll commissioned by Epson in six of the largest countries (in terms of gross domestic product) in the ASEAN region.

The survey with 864 SMEs as respondents found that revenue can grow by up to 23% on average when brands focus on customer experience. Effective deployment of the right technology at the retail front during the point-of-sale can help businesses innovate and differentiate themselves from the competition.

The same survey found that the retail and hospitality sectors are leading the way in digital transformation in the region. Up to 64% of the respondents in the sectors are initiating digital transformation efforts in the area of customer interaction, a far higher priority for them than new product development and production processes.

These findings coincide with other studies that have shown how customers’ interaction with a company can make or break a purchase, whether the transactions are in-store or online. Several other studies indicate that companies that are slower in adopting technology usually find it harder to connect with customers.

To deliver richer customer experiences, SMEs can, for example, use the latest printing and projector technologies to make stores, marketing displays, and product labels stand out. Laser projectors can create stunning signage, displayed on walls, floors, and ceilings. Retailers can create on-the-spot personalized packaging for customized experience using in-house label printers.

This is how Epson can be of help to SMEs. The tech brand offers products like printers, laser projectors, and intelligent point-of-sale printers to help businesses render extraordinary and customized experience to their customers.