Epson T-Series Corporate printers facilitate specialized printing excellence

(Press Release)

In today’s world, the power of visual communication is undoubted, and true excellence is coveted. As there has been a steady increase in professionals who rely on visual formats to deliver their impact, it is imperative to have the right set of tools at their disposal to bring their creativity to life.

From concepts, sketches, and drawings to design and implementation, this is where tools play an important role in ensuring that their work is represented in its most accurate form. Two industries that are built on and rely on the advances of specialized printing are architectural and design firms. Here, specialized printing ensures the final print or outcome is completed in the highest quality at the highest levels of excellence.

Epson SureColor SC-T3130X Technical Printer

Capturing accuracy down to the final details

Both architectural and design firms work on the fundamental principles of precision and consistency when it comes to their work, as they rely on details to leave lasting impressions. With that, they require a means to showcase that their work aligns with these fundamentals, and even excel past it, providing a best-in-class accuracy to capture the finest details.

“The Epson T-Series Corporate printers incorporate the company’s leading core technology and cater to the most detail-driven projects—ensuring clarity down to the finest of details,” said Ed Bonoan, General Manager of Epson Philippines Corporation. “Designed, developed, and built by our engineers, Epson’s technology offers improved print speeds, better precision and output quality to printouts, and excellent durability.”

In addition, Epson understands that firms will need to print on various media—from traditional paper to board media. The Epson T-Series can do just that and more, depending on the objective of the firm or the vision of the creative. With Epson’s T-Series, innovation isn’t restricted by size—users are encouraged to go big because there’s no concern for a loss of quality.

Epson SureColor SC-T3130X Technical Printer

Ensuring high performance at a low footprint

The Epson T-Series is small in footprint but large in output. The T-Series is notably sleek and minimally designed, allowing for non-invasive positioning in the office. Convenience is enhanced by the printer’s ability to hold on to printouts until the user initiates cutting, preventing the printout from falling to the floor.

No longer a requirement but a necessity, connectivity is a must. A majority of the Epson T-Series range has built-in connectivity features that support better workflow in today’s fast-paced environments. The T-Series is integrated with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct allowing you to print from smart devices anywhere in the office.

Although architectural and design firms differ in the final output, a commonality is that each print needs to exceed expectations to best represent its business. Across the range of models, the T-Series is underpinned by a commitment to ensure that regardless of how they’re used—the quality is consistent and delivers a distinction against other printers.

In addition, as a leader in sustainable innovation, Epson’s extensive line of products addresses the continuously growing demand for sustainability. Epson’s T3130X printer comes equipped with a refillable, ink tank system, using high-yield ink bottles to minimize wastage. This further contributes to making a collective industry impact for a sustainable future.

“With a myriad of innovations available for firms to push the boundaries of their businesses, Epson’s solutions are a perfect choice for architects and design firms—with our ability to bring their architectural visions to life, and to push the limits of visual creativity without compromise,” said Bonoan. “Ultimately, leveraging the power of digital design software tools and trusting the accuracy of a computer control tool can make it infinitely easier for firms to share their unique vision and ideas to the world.”