Epson unveils new lineup of high-speed, multi-function copiers

Epson has announced a new lineup of Multi-Function inkjet copiers that can help businesses improve their printing productivity while lowering the negative impact on the environment. WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000, WF-C20750, and WF-C20600 copiers cater to a range of enterprise sizes—from medium to large.


Higher print speed

The new Epson copiers can print in speeds ranging from 60 pages per minute (PPM) to an ultrafast 100ppm. The machines can deliver a fast first page-out time of 6.2 seconds with minimal warm-up time. High capacity ink cartridges yield up to 100,000 pages for black and 50,000 pages for colored, allowing continuous printing with uninterrupted and a lower total cost of ownership. For high-volume printing, the printers can print 20,000 up to 100,000 pages per month.


Improved performance

Bringing improved functionality and usability compared to previous models, the new Epson WorkForce Enterprise copiers come with improved automatic document feeder (ADF). Each unit even comes with a new stapler and booklet finisher—facilitating new features like saddle-stitching, hole-punching, and stapling and stacking capabilities to further deliver faster throughput speed.


Cost efficiency

The new inkjet copiers consume much less power compared to laser copiers, thanks to Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology. The WorkForce Enterprise copiers use up to 85% less energy than similar-speed laser copiers—translating to greater cost savings for your business. Inkjet copiers also produce up to 85% less carbon dioxide than comparable laser copiers.



Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise copiers have fewer components that require replacement. Thus, in terms of waste generation, these copiers are more convenient to operate as they require just occasional changing of the ink cartridges and maintenance box. Less maintenance is required over its lifetime compared to laser copiers that require replacement of parts like toner, drum, developer, fusers, and other components. WorkForce copiers need 59% less replacement of parts, drastically lowering the amount of waste produced and the impact on the environment.

“The new WorkForce Enterprise inkjet copiers provide an eco-friendly alternative to laser copiers while delivering on speed and productivity,” said Epson Philippines Head of Marketing Eduardo Bonoan. “The new line-up offers a range of solutions catering to enterprises as well as medium to large-sized companies that are looking for performance and value.”

“As Epson’s inkjet technology does not use heat for printing, it brings reduces maintenance and downtime, the ability to print on a wide variety of paper types, and reduces the impact on the environment in terms of energy consumption and waste generated,” Bonoan added.

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