Tech News: Facebook releases fix for recent Messenger app glitch

Are you among those Facebook Messenger users who experienced the glitch that hit the app on Saturday (September 23)? By now, you should be using it without any problem as Facebook has already released the update—version 135.1—to fix the issue.

On Saturday morning, social media sites (of course, including Facebook itself) were flooded by Messenger users who complain about the app crashing on their smartphones. Initially, many assumed that the crashing problem could be attributed to the recent iOS 11 update. However, many users who have not yet upgraded to the new software update also experienced the issue.

Several reports also noted that most of the outages were experienced in the Philippines (where there are millions of users of the messaging app), Australia, and some areas in Europe.

Based on an initial report published by Forbes, an update rolled out by Facebook Messenger on September 18 could be cited for the crashes. The report identified an “obscure piece of code in the app itself”—a system framework called ‘CryptoTokenKit’—as a possible culprit. Facebook is yet to confirm this as it did not mention the problem when it released the fix.

Facebook regularly and frequently releases updates for its Messenger app, which currently has more than 1.2 billion active users. Most of the previous upgrades did not incur issue or complication.