Why FB Messenger game ‘EverWing’ is getting more popular in PH

If your Facebook (FB) timeline and Messenger app is being bombarded by mentions and invitations to play a game called ‘EverWing,’ do not be surprised.

The vertically-scrolling shooting game is interesting. It is at the same time challenging in a fun way as it carries progress and upgrades on a player’s multiple sessions. And a lot of FB users are starting to get hooked. These comprise the makings of another online sensation that Filipinos, being heavy FB users, can easily fall for.

EverWing was among the most feature-complete and smoothest offerings when FB launched its Instant Games for its Messenger platform in November 2016. After seven months, it has become a virtual craze for FB users on desktop and mobile.

Aside from the factors already mentioned, there are more reasons the game is continuously gaining popularity each day.


Impressive gaming experience
EverWing developer Blackstorm Labs intentionally created an online game that would not require its own app. Its players (especially those connecting via Wi-Fi or limited data access) are spared from the usual setback of having to download and install a special 100MB app just to play the game.

As the game can be played when an FB user is logged in to his/her account, it is another reason to spend more time with the social networking app. And because it is a Messenger game, selected friends are notified that you are playing it, possibly arousing the curiosity among others and eventually spreading the game like virus.

“We’ve tried putting as much as we can into the game’s core tech so that we can create experiences really quickly,” said Blackstorm CEO Michael Carter about EverWing. This collaboration between FB and Blackstorm could be defining the future of popular mobile gaming globally.


Reaching more users instantly
There are about a billion monthly active users of FB’s Messenger platform. That is a huge number to target for Facebook Instant Games like EverWing.

That is also the reason that EverWing was designed to handle a huge player base. Thus, playing the game will always be hassle-free no matter how many players are into it simultaneously across the platform.

Anyone on FB Messenger can instantly access and play the game, and at the same time notify his/her friends that he/she is playing. EverWing can also be accessed through the Games section in the timeline interface, though once it is opened, Messenger is also instantly activated to open existing conversations.

Easy to play
Because EverWing is targeting a casual audience on the FB platform, its developer made sure its gameplay can easily and quickly be understood. Blackstorm thinks a newbie can get how it is played in as fast as 30 seconds.

Based on the developer’s own engagement metrics, a retained user spends about an hour per day playing EverWing. That is already a hugely promising consideration for Blackstorm and Facebook Instant Games. Just imagine how huge the potential is as many Filipino players are now starting to spend more than an hour everyday playing it.

However, there is one clarification about EverWing’s existence. FB is positioning it as a form of augmentation of its chat feature, and not as a replacement activity. Let’s see a few days or weeks from now if you would still be using Messenger more for instant chatting instead of for playing EverWing and other games offered.

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