FEU Tech schools disclose rise in WURI rank, new programs & partnerships

(Press Release)

The FEU Tech schools, comprising FEU Alabang, FEU Diliman, and FEU Institute of Technology, have long recognized the importance of innovation. This is why they are proud to announce that the innovation efforts of its FEU Tech campus were recently recognized in the latest rankings of the WURI (World’s Universities with Real Impact) Top Global Innovative Universities for 2022.

The WURI rankings notably compared universities all around the world using criteria measuring a university’s contributions to society and innovative approaches to education.

FEU Tech ranked alongside universities like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard and placed in four major categories: #19 in Progress during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, #30 in Entrepreneurial Spirit, #37 in Crisis Management, and #44 in Student Mobility and Openness. These categories considered a school’s ability to invest and use emerging digital technologies, support student innovation, craft an agile response during the pandemic, and continue collaboration with schools around the world.

Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Off the news of the recent WURI rankings, FEU Tech Schools are also proud to reiterate that both the FEU Tech and FEU Alabang campuses will be offering leveled-up undergraduate Bachelor of Science (BS) courses in the fields of data science, entrepreneurship, and business analytics. These programs seek to prepare fresh grads for a swiftly-evolving job market, equipping them with the practical skills they need to land jobs in growing fields like tech. 

The innovation-focused courses offered by FEU Tech include BS Computer Science with specialization in Data Science, BS Information Technology with specialization in Innovation and Business, and BS Information Technology with specialization in Business Analytics. Graduates from these programs can expect to pick up critical skills such as design thinking, marketing principles, project management, software development, and so much more. 

According to FEU Tech’s Director of Information Technology Dr. Ace Lagman, programs like Information Technology are designed to ‘future-proof’ students and prepare them for an increasingly competitive job market. “It’s not enough anymore to leave students with a degree, we want to equip them with skills they’ll be able to use for their whole career.”

Additionally, the specializations offered by FEU Tech give students a bird’s-eye view of the changing structure of the business. For example, specializing in business analytics will provide students with an overview of the current trends in information technology that drives businesses.

Meanwhile, data science will teach them how to analyze large volumes of often unstructured data, with the goal of producing meaningful insights. “By using scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems they can extract knowledge and apply this knowledge from data across a broad range of application domains,” explained OIC Program Director Computer Science Elisa Malasaga. 

“When they put all their learnings together, graduates of our programs can go on to be business development officers, innovation and growth specialists, and even startup founders,” added Rolan M. Garcia, FEU Tech’s Group Chief Innovation Officer and Director of New Ventures. 

Partnerships with business

Yet FEU Tech’s relentless dedication to innovation and shaping future-ready graduates doesn’t stop at the courses they offer. 

Recently, they partnered with business process outsourcing giant Accenture to initiate research and development programs on the use of 5G and Industry X technologies. The partnership is part of Accenture’s initiative to help innovation-focused local universities via a PHP 80 million grant to strengthen programs focusing on emerging technologies, sustainability, inclusion, and diversity.

The partnership with Accenture is part of FEU Tech’s rich tradition of working with both large enterprises and startups. “By working with established businesses and startups, we’re able to give students an accurate picture of what life will be like when they start working,” said Gianina Napo,  FEU Tech Innovation Center’s Director for Innovation Programs. “They’ll access key resources and see firsthand what it takes to innovate and grow a business—and understand how they can contribute, even before they graduate.”

Overall, FEU Tech schools are more than happy to support innovation. Whether it’s by constantly updating its course offerings to be more relevant to the real world or working closely with changemakers in business, the institution’s dedication to innovation never stops. 

Students looking to be part of FEU Tech’s and FEU Alabang’s pursuit of excellence and innovation can visit the official websites here and here.

FEU Tech Senior Executive Director Dr. Benson Tan himself had much to say on the topic of innovation. “The importance of innovation can’t be overstated,” Dr. Tan concluded. “Though it’s a big part of it, we don’t pursue innovation solely because it will help our students in their future. The pursuit of innovation is important because we believe our students will have a big part in nation-building and creating a better society. That alone makes everything we do worth it.’”