Actor-TV host and gamer Mikael Daez ups his food game to the next level

Not known to many, model-turned-actor and TV host Mikael Daez has always been a true-blue gamer. During his teenage years, the 32-year-old celebrity used to go on 10-hour marathon computer sessions—playing DOTA 1 and going for “BEYOND GODLIKE!” These days, he is into Fallout Shelter Online, DOTA 2, and Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (Ragnarok Mobile).

Thus, Daez can relate to how active gamers often face the dilemma of choosing between food and play. By choosing to defeat his opponents, upgrade items, or clear quests to advance in the storyline, Daez, just like most other gamers, used to make poor food choices like having instant noodles or canned goods and rice whenever his real-life energy bar runs low.

Now, he asserts that he has learned to level up his food game, thanks to foodpanda. “foodpanda has been amazing in providing a seamless experience to be able to get food without disturbing my gaming,” the new endorser of the on-demand delivery service says. “All it takes is just a few clicks on the foodpanda app, and my food is on the way.”

The gamer is also a foodie

Daez is not just another foodie. He has been hosting a five-minute segment called ‘Midnight Express’ in the late-night TV newscast ‘Saksi’ (aired over GMA-7) for a few years now (before the pandemic). Through that, he has established himself as an adventurer and a passionate foodie, who knows the best food items in and around the metro.

This is why you have to listen to him when he gives insights on how gamers (and even non-gamers alike) can take their food games to the next level. Daez says tapping foodpanda to take care of his meals during game breaks is something that makes him not miss important meals to keep him energized throughout games.

He raves about the app’s user-friendly interface, which makes it easier and more convenient to hit pause, place orders, and immediately get back into action without losing the all-important gamer’s momentum. foodpanda has a list of over 20,000 partner-restaurants nationwide so that wherever you are in the country, you could more likely have your ordered meals delivered in as fast as 25 minutes or even less. It also expands its services to deliver essential items other than food like groceries, household supplies, and even telco SIM cards and LTE pocket WiFi devices.

Playing with a partner

As luck may have it, Daez also married a fellow gamer—actress-TV host and Miss World 2013 Megan Young. Young, who plays by the username ‘Boneezy,’ shares the passion with Daez, who is known as ‘Beefbelly’ in the world of role-playing game.

“Gaming and lots of comfort food definitely give us more avenues to interact and grow our relationship,” Daez says. “Aside from this, I truly love how foodpanda brings us closer to all the things that I need, all in one place.”

Whether you’re like Daez who plays with a partner or flies solo, foodpand allows you to enjoy delicious and irresistible deals like free delivery or up to 40% discount throughout the month (September). From chicken, pasta, pizza, coffee, to milk tea, there’s surely no craving that foodpanda can’t fix.

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