foodpanda launches membership and perks program called ‘pandapro’

foodpanda has officially launched pandapro, an exclusive membership program that gives loyal users more rewarding experiences. The on-demand delivery service is unlocking a wide array of exclusive benefits and more through the new monthly subscription program.

For an introductory price of P50 per month, foodpanda customers can relish perks and exceptional rewards like free delivery fees and hefty discounts. pandapro also comes amidst foodpanda’s kumukutikuti-TAP Christmas, which has been giving away surprising prizes since its launch in October (running for 12 weeks).

“Food is a big part of our culture as Filipinos and we want to give our most avid customers the option to have a more premium experience,” said foodpanda Philippines Managing Director Daniel Marogy. “pandapro subscribers not only get discounts from our partner restaurants but even free delivery. It’s something we want to roll out as more people adjust to the new normal and depend on delivery services.”


Perks and benefits

Whether you do food delivery or pick up purchases, you can turn these priceless experiences into something more. Savor all the monthly perks and privileges of being a pandapro subscriber:

1. Exclusive and unlimited 20% off (or higher) from over 3,000 restaurants
2. Free delivery from all shops and restaurants (five transactions per month)
3. 10% off on foodpanda shops for three transactions per month
4. Unlimited extra 5% off on foodpanda pickup orders

A minimum order of P400 applies for the Free Delivery and 10% off shops offers. More exciting benefits for foodpanda pro subscribers are expected in the months to come.


How to become a pandapro

You can become a pandapro in no time. Simply update your foodpanda app, click ‘How to be a Member’ and fill in the required details. A user must be 18 years old and above and a holder of a valid credit card. The membership fee will be deducted from the credit card you used to sign up.

The subscription and its benefits automatically renew monthly. If any payment due fails, your subscription will be canceled and you will need to subscribe again to avail the benefits. Cancellation of a subscription can be done anytime. However, each cancellation will only be effective on the next monthly renewal date.