Tik Tok mobile app’s GAGA Dance Challenge is now a craze

If the 1990s had Dance Revolution, we now have the GAGA Dance Challenge. It is a craze that is taking the country by storm these days. There is no need to purchase any device or tool to enjoy the game. Just download and install the Tik Tok mobile app (through Apple Store and Playstore) and you are set.

GAGA Dance Challenge comes as one of the features of Tik Tok, which in turn is a popular app among millennials especially those who are fond of creating instant music and dance videos and posting those on the social media.

Teen celebrity Andrea Brillantes is among those who have posted Tik Tok videos featuring the GAGA Dance Challenge.

The mechanics for this dance challenge is simple. You just have to do the postures that are randomly flashed by the mobile app. Through your smartphone’s camera, the GAGA Dance function instantly recognizes your dance moves and checks if each matches the posture flashed. If it does match, points are unlocked. Of course, this challenge is recorded, creating a Tik Tok post that you can share with everyone.

Launched in 2017, Tik Tok is a social app available on mobile devices. It targets the new generation of video content creators. Through the app, users can quickly create and easily share their unique 15-second short videos with popular music as background audio. It encourages the flow of wild and creative imagination through self-expression.