Make your vacation hassle-free with these cashless travel hacks

(Press Release)

Everyone is excited to flex their fun vacation recap videos, but we all know that we have to go through that dreaded phase of meticulous budgeting, OOTD planning, itinerary preparation, and countless bookings just to get a perfect travel experience.

But with a convenient, secure, and rewarding e-wallet app like GCash, you can be prepared for your next grand getaway without going through the stress and hassle of planning. With just a few taps, you can plan and pay for your entire trip itinerary without leaving home—say goodbye to lining up for anything! Even better, you can get exclusive discounts and rewards just by using GCash to pay for your trip and travel essentials.

If you’re all set to hit the ‘resume’ button on your travel bucket list, here are the many cashless travel hacks you can do with GCash for your next vacation, from planning to prepping:


●      Easily snag airfare promos by paying through your e-wallet.

Two things will get you through a seat sale: quick fingers and a seamless payment method. With GCash, you can conveniently pay for your flight and other add-ons without the need for a credit or debit card. There’s also no need to pay an additional holding fee when paying with cash at payment centers.

Book your flights through Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, or Airpaz and pay using GCash.


●      Book accommodations through credible sites.

Your accommodation can make or break your vacation! Read reviews by travelers who have similar trips like you (with a pet, solo, with family, etc.) and check for trustworthy booking sites that have flexible payment options.

With GCash, no need to withdraw cash, use your credit card or deal with incidental fees to pay for anything from hotels to hostels! GCash keeps your e-wallet funds secure by enabling a four-digit MPIN and a one-time password, with an option for biometric login.

Book for your hotel through Airpaz and securely pay with GCash. 


●      Plan and pay for your adventure before setting off.

Imagine being excited to go on a thrilling island-hopping adventure only to find out that the tour is fully booked? Purchase tour packages and activities ahead and pay with GCash so you no longer have to fumble with cash payments and go through the hassle of finding legit operators – more time to make memories and focus on fun times!

Check sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, and events on Klook.


●      Curate your travel wardrobe ahead.

Whatever your aesthetic, planning your clothing and accessories ahead will help you save time and effort. No need to stuff all sorts of clothes and be flagged for excess baggage. Focus on setting home and work preparations for when you’re away because you can get your travel shopping haul done when you pay online with GCash.

Travel in style with a range of apparel from GAP, Banana Republic, OXGN, Regatta, Penshoppe, ForMe, Memo,  and BOCU, which you can shop online and pay with GCash.


●      Tailor equipment and accessories for your itinerary.

Going on a trek? Check if your long-stored apparel can still withstand elements. Planning to get Insta-worthy photos? Make sure you have a long-lasting power bank to keep your phone running. Worried about excess baggage? You might need a microscale.

Keep your travel activities uninterrupted when you have the right apparel and equipment with you. All these and more, you can order online and conveniently pay for using GCash.

From luggage to apparel and footwear, The Travel Club has got your essentials.


Traveling is made more exciting as GCash offers a convenient payment method, exclusive discounts and rewards, and access to different stores and brands that will fulfill your dream vacation. If you want to purchase gadgets and other big-ticket items, you can also activate your GCredit on your GCash app so you won’t need to load up your e-wallet or use a credit card.

Worry less and enjoy your vacation more when you travel with GCash! Upgrade your travel experience and download the GCash app on App Store or Google Play. Get it now and #TaraGTravelNa with GCash!